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Why We Love: The Garden

Hearing The Garden’s music for the first time was like unlocking a door that draws you into an entirely different universe. Their sound, as well as their aesthetics, are both completely and distinctively their own. They’ve got a special kind of magic that has presented itself through genre-bending, undeniable originality, and a full creative exploration that’s led them towards developing some of the most unique music of our time. 

“California Here We Go” was my introduction to twin brothers Wyatt and Fletcher Shears, and I found myself completely enamored. The sultry bassline, the addictive chorus, and their love for jester-styled makeup had me wanting to dive in deeper as soon as the song was over. For those just beginning to explore The Garden’s discography, this is, without a doubt, an essential song to keep under your belt.

Released just a few months prior, “Call This # Now” is another staple track that carries whimsically hypnotic energy. The music video matches it perfectly, too, and it’s one that I frequently revisit; not only is it just a music video that I genuinely love to watch, but it’s also a good glimpse into what the Shears brothers are all about. I guarantee that after listening to this song—even just once—you’ll find yourself subconsciously humming the chorus on multiple occasions. Or, maybe, I’m just projecting. 

You didn’t think I’d leave out “Thy Mission,” did you? It’s safe to say that this is currently The Garden’s most popular song, and with the combined forces of the Shears twins and Mac Demarco, it’s no wonder why this is such a well-received song. The artists, though seemingly on different wavelengths, mesh together so flawlessly; it’s almost as though it was a match made in heaven (or, based on the video, hell). Like “Call This # Now,” this is another music video I am obsessed with. They took an already interesting concept and put their own unique spin on it, and the end result is entertaining, comedic, and stunning.

Alright, there are plenty of other key songs from The Garden I could recommend, but let’s shed some light on their latest release, shall we? Dropped in March 2020, Kiss My Super Bowl Ring consists of eleven explosive tracks that each add something powerful to the mix. It’s truly so fascinating to hear how seamlessly they play around with different sounds—even within the same song—and this album provides so much variety that you’re bound to find at least something to love. My personal favourite is “AMPM Truck,” give it a listen here:

Wyatt and Fletcher have their own individual side projects as well. Wyatt makes his music under the name “Enjoy,” and Fletcher is behind “Puzzle.” These experimental projects are absolutely phenomenal, and I’m wholeheartedly a massive fan of both. A lot of the music from Enjoy and Puzzle is much more laid-back and dreamy compared to their work in The Garden, so if that’s more of your vibe, definitely give both projects a listen. 10/10, would highly recommend. 

So, in short: The Garden has quickly become one of my favourite bands. They are certainly ones to watch as they shake up the music scene, and if you’re new to their music, you’re going to want to stick around. I have completely fallen in love with their impressive artistic range and style, and I’m sure you guys will, too. 

I’ll leave you with one last thing, and it’s a performance I’ve found myself watching daily. Give it a watch, and you’ll understand why.

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Creators Monthly

Creators Monthly: January

Kicking off our new year with a bang, here are some spectacular rising artists you need to be listening to. Welcome to an all-new edition of Creators Monthly, music submitted to us by you, our readers. Take it away!


Linsley Hartenstein, who goes by the name Darity is a singer/songwriter from Ohio and the first artist to be featured not once, but twice in Creators Monthly. Her recent single Silver Spoon had us hooked from the get-go in October last year, as her phenomenal voice and songwriting talent simply blew us away. Darity’s new single, Everything, delivers on all of the promises laid out by her earlier work and feels like a natural next step for her continuously evolving style. The dream-pop feel we’ve come to love her for is weaved beautifully throughout, but no single ever sounds the same. When we featured Darity once before, we had a sneaky suspicion she would be one artist to watch. If her skyrocketing Spotify figures are anything to go by, then there really is no limit to how high she might soar next.

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Jessica Luise

Jessica Luise is a singer from Manchester whose new single Nice Try is a blissfully bittersweet tale of events, perfect listening for fans of Biig Piig or Beabadoobee. Over lockdown and away from the calamities of everyday life, a lot of Jess’ songwriting inspiration comes from daydreaming about fictional relationships with characters of her favourite television shows. Listening to her music is like walking through the melancholic dreams of an empathetic young woman, living a life beyond the confines of her home. Dreams which, for this artist, have given a wealth of new material to contribute towards her astounding sound. Within the northern indie scene especially, the music of Jess Luise is a new treat.

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For fans of The Night Cafe and Katy J Pearson. Isabel Whelan, better known as BEL combines your typical indie sounds we’ve all come to love and stirs a hefty dollop of folk in that mix. Her third single and first of 2021 Treading Water is a great brooding and intimate track that compels you to drive windows down and just vibe. Talking about the initial concept of the song, Whelan said she wrote Treading Water in late 2018, after graduating from college and having a bit of an existential crisis as you do. Her friend played the chords on guitar and suddenly all the emotions poured out and the song may as well have written itself. Heralded as “some kind of underground, indie, Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac” soundscape which I think perfectly captures the atmosphere of BEL, and leaves us excited for what else is in store for the LA singer. So don’t forget to check out more of BEL’s releases.

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Amber Ais

Amber Ais from Boston, MA began her career in music as a young girl who loved nothing more than singing at her local church. After being given a guitar for her birthday, as so many great musicians did, she set forth into the world with songs of her own. Her music holds the same charming and emotive qualities of the gospel which inspired her, combined with other flavours together gives Amber a sound all of her own. These songs are all about the experiences of a young woman in Boston. Her music is gentle, joyful and full of life. It’s the perfect lift needed to get you through another month of lockdown and, true to the style of the music which she loved to sing so dearly, makes you feel part of something bigger.

Watch out on the 26th of February for Amber’s new single Better Without Me, a ‘pop-inspired anthem’ about ‘the bitterness and inadequacy of how your life compares to others.’ Amber already gave us a listen, and it’s one you should definitely be excited about.

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James Leprettre

With his first release since EP Quiet Scenes, James Leprettre’s latest single Paper Bag is the quintessential tune for those lonely isolated days we’re all bathing in at the moment. For fans of Alexandra Saviour and Dan The Man, Leprettre’s blend of acoustic folk with slick modern production makes for a desolate sound which matches any mood you could possibly need it to. It’s something to relate to but blissfully beautiful enough for an escape of the world’s repetitive madness. Paper Bag’s music video is superb, it’s simple yet effective and perfectly captured the vibe of the tune. Catchy melodies, well-written tracks and videos which stick to your retinas.

James Leprettre is somebody to keep a very close eye on. Don’t forget to check out his EP Quiet Scenes for more of that hug of folky goodness.

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Jozem’s Black Night EP includes the incredible track Stay. The tune packs a remarkable music video and a stunningly ambient sound. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Jozem’s music is described as ‘experimental-soul, dark, mysterious and alluring’. Gifted with a voice that somehow blends the tones of 80s neo-soul with modern pop falsetto, his music dances in your ears like moonlight over water. Jozem describes himself as a bit of a ‘dreamer’, and in his new single Dreams, we get a more in-depth look. The song talks about, what he remembers as, a time of great uncertainty in his life. The new single is due for release on the 5th of February and having already had a sneak peek, we can tell you’re in for a real treat. Stay up to date with his releases on Instagram.

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With a name like LOBSTERBOMB, you can’t not be just a little intrigued by the madness of their music could you? Formed in a Berlin basement, this is a band who don’t go gently into the night. For fans of Wolf Alice, Dream Wife, Amyl and The Sniffers, this band’s kickass sound includes a somewhat lush quality seen to be making a comeback with the likes of IDLES and The Garden. Yes Yes Yeah is a song that demands to be dialled up to eleven. It’s raw, energetic and has an electrifying quality which leaves you moshing in your own bedroom. The overdrive vocals combined with a 60’s rock n roll flare bring together the very best of two famous eras in music. As this is only their debut single, it leaves us curious as to what this band will conjure up next. Their first EP is expected later this year, we’re sure you’ll hear it coming before it hits you.

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Thanks to all the musicians who submitted their music this month, make sure to keep an eye out for more brilliant artists this year. We’ll see you next time.

The TWM Team

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Indie/Indie Rock Why We Love

Why We Love: Itsamemyleo

Myles Wheeler (better known as Itsameyleo on the internet) is one of the most fascinating, talented and creative individuals of our generation. TWM is all about music foremost, but Myles here is better known as a major YouTuber or vlogger or whatever floats your boat. But not only is Myles completely my favourite YouTube content creator, but he is also one fabulous musician. You see, Myles has a wondrous talent for storytelling, take a look at any of his videos, the passion that goes into making each one, the emotional depth and the fantastic comedy that just nails the punchline every damn time, he’s someone who is going to be huge within his craft, wherever he strives to go (and I must stress, could be anywhere, this man’s talent is incredible). But along with writing, directing and editing his own video content, Myles composes music to add depth to his YouTube videos, writes music in spare time and even has a band basking in some real improv talent, and good improv music is actually pretty hard to do well, let alone find it.

In a very short span of time, I hope by the end of this you’ll be able to see just some of the sheer power of this humble man’s talent. So to kick things off, here’s Myles’ track, Funnier Last Year a song that has really connected to me over the years. Myles has a knack for glistening chord progressions and really beautiful lyrics that really do speak volumes, paired with such a down to earth voice that suits any emotion, I mean listen for yourself.

Switching to his band Broughton, enabling Myles and company to deliver an even more visceral sound. There are so many brilliant tracks to choose from but my personal favourite has to be 3:58. Initially written through the band jamming, on their improv/demo album Improvovia which can be found on Bandcamp. “Improvising songs is an interesting thing. Sometimes they can fall apart within the first strum of a chord but other times you can all manage to get a feel of the mood and know which direction to take it in. It’s a fun experience.” And to think music this stunning can form from pure improvisation based on perhaps a few lyrical phrases and chord ideas, it’s just really astounding to listen and realise all that synced creativity. It’s something to really admire, and the praise is completely deserved.

There are so many brilliant tracks to choose from such as Drift Away or Flickering Light off their 2014 debut album Alright, Night. The band played live at UK YouTube convention Summer In The City and one of the tracks they played was Fourarms, and it’s here in this live performance you get a taste for the rawness of their music, the passion and energy they put into performing. As a reference, there have been multiple occasions where Myles has broken strings live and cut his hand and bled over his guitar, so the guy really means ‘.bizness’ when he plays.

As far as I’m aware only one of Myles’ albums is on major streaming services such as Spotify being his 2020 EP Beehive, featuring some absolutely beautiful tracks such as I Could Be. Myles’ music is something you just absolutely have to go and check out.

I implore you all to listen to Myles’ solo work on Bandcamp here and check out Broughton’s discography here. Sadly as mentioned before, most of their music is not on streaming sites such as Spotify or Apple Music (Yet..?), but honestly trust me and take the time to check out Myles’ music on Bandcamp because you really won’t regret it.

If you’re a fan of artists such as Dodie and Mac DeMarco or Alex Turner’s Submarine soundtrack, then Myles is someone you must discover. I recommend Epic Eel Time, Drift Away, Long Lovely Life and In Front Of Me, but the bottom line is everything this man pours his heart into is absolute gold and utterly deserves your time, you really can’t go wrong. I hope you enjoy Myles’ work as much as I do.

Indie/Indie Rock Punk/Rock Why We Love

Why We Love: Failure

Failure is a band I first encountered many years ago now, over a decade at this point. And there is just something fantastic about them, from the way they’ve created space sounds, segues and more, the fact they’re not as big as household names from the 90s is still hard to process even now. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t left an impact on the music scene. There’s a saying I’ve seen go around a lot about Failure which is that they’re your “favourite bands, favourite band” which I think is a great way to put it, if not a little detrimental but I think we can look past that because Failure’s talent is amazing. And once you know that signature sound, you’ll be hearing its influences all over your favourite band’s discographies.

Another Space Song is perhaps one of their most well-known songs, and for christ sake why wouldn’t it be? I mean just listen to that filthy fat bass tone there, or that glistening guitar to accompany it. Deep distorted bass, psychedelic and prog rock soundwaves that their influence can be heard among bands such as Muse and Paramore (Particularly with Paramore’s Future).

The band had been making noise since their debut album in 1992, through the years releasing 3 stellar albums, including the iconic 1996 record Fantastic Planet, but had a break up just one year later. During the time of their hiatus the band members all went on to do different things, frontman Ken Andrews going on to work as a highly sought after music producer (and I mean it’s clear why). Fellow member of the band Troy Van Leeuwen was invited to join rock giant Queens Of The Stone Age which is where you’ll find him even now. But after the decade long break, Andrews, Greg Edwards and Kellii Scott all got back together and decided to give this old thing another last spin, releasing 2015s The Heart Is A Monster, showing once again that the sounds of Failure are not one to be trifled with. Just go listen to the monstrous headbanger The Focus (which needs to be blasted on full volume), Hot Traveller or the nightmarish Counterfeit Sky. Whichever way you go you’ll be in for a treat I’ll just put it that way.

In 2018 the band dropped brand new album In The Future Your Body Will Be the Furthest Thing from Your Mind, that further showed how Failure’s know well-known sound can be strayed from to construct a phantom frenzy of a sonic experience that you only get with a band as dedicated as Failure. Maintaining that speed and ecstasy of 90’s grunge and prog rock, but also delving into cleaner sounds here and there, like the somewhat David Bowie Blackstar inspired instrumentation of Dark Speed.

I’m going to leave you with Stuck On You from Fantastic Planet. A song that has been covered countless times and well, I think it’s very deserved to be heralded at such a level by committed fans of it. A slow and heavy tune that brings you right back to the ’90s but completely reminding you as to how futuristic Failure’s Fantastic Planet really was.

Listen to Failure on Spotify now.

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Why We Love: Delorentos

It’s safe to say that Dublin has become the capital of new and exciting European bands pushing the boundaries and breaking norms in the past ten years. Delorentos are one such band who experienced a whirlwind of success with their single S.E.C.R.E.T, which launched these college students from Ireland into the spotlight across the world and spawned a plethora of great albums. The band takes inspiration from the legends Arcade Fire and Pixies; the resulting sound is equally phenomenal.

The music video to S.E.C.R.E.T was filmed at a house party and gained public attention for being the first Irish music video to feature a same-sex kiss. The band described it as causing ‘quite a stir’ in Ireland at the time.

Delorentos recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of the single which had launched the band’s career. In a video posted to their YouTube channel, they gave some insight into how the song had shaped their lives.

Soon after their success, things took a turn for the worst. Their manager quit, their distribution company folded, and they ended up losing their record deal. With the future uncertain, singer and guitarist Ronan Yourell left the band, and the group decided it was time to split.

They left behind them an album’s worth of unfinished demos, so at the start of 2009, the members reunited to record what they called a ‘farewell album’. Being back in the studio together brought back many fond memories of the bands. It reminded them how much they enjoyed writing together without the overhead pressures of labels or the expectation to top their hit single. They decided to reform the band.

Delorentos released the finished album You Can Make Sound in October 2009, which in its first week reached number 2 in the Irish Charts and gave way for many great follow up works.

Since then, their continued success has taken the band across the world, their music to almost every continent, and many great albums from them following suit.

These four from Dublin, who met as college students, now write brilliant music which goes from strength to strength, we love them and you will too.

Listen to Delorentos on Spotify now.

Indie/Indie Rock Punk/Rock Why We Love

Why We Love: Airways

Five years ago, upon being gutted on missing out on a ticket to see Muse and then Nothing But Thieves, I decided to check out who’d be supporting the latter on their tour and check out the band that I’d now be missing out on. I found myself one gloomy morning on my way to college checking out that very band, Airways, and from the moment that first chorus dropped I was hooked. The song in question was One Foot, a track that blends sounds from such indie rock icons such as Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and Gorillaz, but in a very modern way a’la YUNGBLUD or RAT BOY, taking indie and punk right into the heart of the 21st century. Discovering this band as the support act of the support act of my favourite band at the time, it can’t be said anymore but, man never skip out on the opening band.

Later I managed to encourage my mates to listen to Airways because they just so happened to release a smash hit that made it onto Spotify’s ‘Walk Like A Badass’ playlist, Reckless Tongue. A song that combines the classic style of 2007 Arctic Monkeys with the indie and hip hop modernity of 2017. Just a menacing tune that makes you want to headbang in the middle of the street, shop or wherever you may be when you find yourself listening to their EP Starting To Spin. Alongside One Foot and Reckless Tongue, this EP boasted White Noise Boys a track that sparks some lowkey ska vibes, not the most conventional vibes but enough that you can hear a band like Madness or The Specials perform it. But the classic indie rock sound wasn’t all they had to offer, scratching the surface of some electronic sounds with the title track.

So fast forward a year and the Airway boys settle for Nothing But Thieves‘ guitarist Dominic Craik to do some producing work for them, which splashed a cavern of depth so visceral in the form of Blue Gasoline. God you can just taste the talent Airways have to offer here on out, it’s a dick tease the fact they’ve not released an album at this point. Combining synths to reverb-drenched guitars in a dreamy journey that makes you want the clouds to just swallow you up.

Fast forward a year yet again and we’re gifted the double single Trampoline / The End. The latter gets overshadowed by Trampoline a bit so I want to gloss over The End which is a beast of a track. What do you do when you’ve done the whole indie rock thing and the ethereal soundscape? Combine them in the most monstrous way possible. Fans of Twenty One Pilots seem to take a liking to this track in particular, so if that stuff is up your alley, make it a point to check out this one.

But then switching stuff up once again, going back to a more indie realm, Airways dropped their latest single, Out Of Luck in 2019. Which is a little while ago so I am praying this means we’re all the more closer to a debut album. Back to a faster pace upbeat style, but taking guitar inspiration from the likes of Johnny Marr but perhaps with a more disciplined surrounding, but then kicking off into another classic headbanger in the chorus.

Imma leave you guys with Alien. A song about the bands rejected US Visa’s leaving them unable to play at SXSW. Lyrically it’s actually more of a funny story, I mean I’m sure not for them the amount of money they probably lost in that application was probably no joke, but hey it made for a good song and hopefully, in a few years time they’ll be playing it to huge crowds on a headline tour through the very country that said “nah mate, not today”. I’m paraphrasing here but you get me bro.

Listen to Airways on Spotify before they blow up so you can tell your mates “I told you so”.

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Hidden Gems: Circadian Circus – Dan The Man

Multi-Instrumentalist Dan ‘The Man’ Haggis, best known as the drummer for indie sensations The Wombats, is no stranger to music outside of the award-winning band, with side project Sunship Balloon with fellow Wombats bassist Tord Øverland Knudsen over the last 2 years, working on new music and completing old Wombats demos that never made the final cut. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Haggis has had his fair share of solo music releases since 2012, but it’s 2017’s Circadian Circus that I want to share with you. 

Haggis stated around the time of the album’s conception and release that music is a coping mechanism, and that the passing of loved ones was part of what sparked the sudden creativity that led to this album. Circadian Circus goes into lots of different avenues, but mainly explores a lot of personal experience and mental health all wrapped in this ethereal aesthetic that helps shine a light on humanity, but despite being wrapped in this beautiful soundscape and visual paradigm to accompany it, Circadian Circus is actually a rather dark album. Themes of loss, depression and desperation, it’s a true testament to Haggis. In the leadup to the release of the album, I remember being incredibly hyped for it upon hearing lead single Something Good and telling all my friends to listen to it, and upon its release became such an identifiable release of 2017 that I still cherish now… You know, hence this article in case you’ve gotten to this point and you’re still wondering what’s going on, in which case Hi, welcome to Totally Wired Mag, we’re great, but you know what’s better? Circadian Circus. 

Track 1, Get Out Of Jail Free is a brilliant opener that gives you a great impression of what this album sounds like, with an absolutely killer chorus. Bringing vibes of The Pogues, Metronomy and Sufjan Stevens, this splendid anthem is just something that does nothing but get stuck inside your head. Seriously you’ll be humming this to yourself for weeks. The production on this is also fantastic, Haggis REALLY showing off his skills, and how he absolutely knows what he’s doing here. Combining indie folk to synthy bedroom pop in a sound that’s familiar but thus far, I don’t think has really been replicated since. 

Flowerpot Men (age check if you remember that classic Cebeebies show) brings an almost Beatlesy vibe into the mix, and the chorus is particularly Lennon-esk. Lyrically about the death of someone close which is something Haggis was having to go through during the writing process, but it made for some really humbling lyrics, for example, “They rehoused you on a star / the view must be great from where you are”. Losing someone is obviously something everyone has to go through at some point, but the humanisation of it here acts as such a resounding hand on your shoulder, in times where you’d otherwise feel out of your depth and alone. In addition with that repeated hook of “I’ll be pushing up the daisies, we’ll be flowerpot men”, it’s something that really sticks in your mind, but hauntingly so. 

Waiting For Love is one of the more stripped back (but still musically full on) tracks on the album. Strings and pianos carry this track through, and really hone in that hopelessness feeling. But the outro becomes this triumphant escapade that really does leave a glisten in your eye at the prospect of things becoming better, eventually. It’s just a really beautiful song that shines through specifically. It sounds like something Elton John or Father John Misty could write, it’s absolutely majestic.

Something Good was the lead single, and definitely sums up the album’s entire message and musical theme. It invokes the utter desperation for wanting something positive in the abundance of letdowns and sadness, and that is the key element that makes Circadian Circus. I think we’ve all been at the point where we’ve craved something, anything to fix the hard times, and the hook of the track is just something so personally and relatedly versatile; “Give me something good, even if it’s a lie, if it’ll make me smile”. Haggis knows how to pen down some wonderfully written lyrics and Circadian Circus is a testament to it.

What can I say really, Circadian Circus is the perfect album to listen to when things are falling apart around you. Obviously, that’s a very bleak prospect, but what I mean by that is, this album personifies the darkest of times and emotions you can experience, but shines them in an optimistic outlook. Songs like Something Good and Not As Far As It Looks (Self Help Song) are perfect examples of taking the absolute worst your mind can go through, and reshaping them as motivational speeches through music. Musically this album goes almost everywhere, drawing and clashing inspiration from bands like New Order, The Beatles and even elements of Pink Floyd thrown in there. Honestly, Haggis’ talent writing songs from top to bottom is something I can only really compare to giants such as The Beatles which yeah I know that’s a bloody bold thing to say, but there’s a simplicity to pop music and writing with a rawer soundscape in mind that Haggis captures so magnificently here, wrapped in this blanket of modern production that just enhances every sound, it’s something genuinely beautiful and so polished to perfection it just has to be said.

For those who are deeply interested in more music from Haggis, you’ll be pleased to know that just earlier this month he dropped a brand new album entitled Brightly Coloured Creatures, which if you’ve liked what you’ve heard then you’ll definitely enjoy its follow up. I’ll let the new record mull over before doing a piece on it, but trust me it’s marvellous too. I definitely shall review that in due time, but until then, keep your ears open and thanks for reading.

Listen to Circadian Circus on Spotify.

New Wave Punk/Rock

Hidden Gems: Delta 5

Delta 5 were just one of the many post-punk bands to arise in the north of England during the late 70s and early 80s. Like one of their many new wave counterparts Joy Division, the group only released one album in their short-lived time together, but hell did they write some kick-ass tunes.

After the early success of their singles Mind your own business and You, the band signed to Rough Trade before eventually releasing their debut album See the Whirl with Charisma Records. Despite their initial success, the album received poor reviews, and as a result, the band split shortly afterwards. Despite once being at the forefront of the feminist post-punk movement, Delta 5 is often overlooked in new wave music history.

For years their early singles remained underground classics to those who could find a printed copy until a compilation of their earlier material was released under the title Singles and Sessions. They were thrust into the limelight once again when various Netflix and BBC dramas including Sex Education featured their songs. Delta 5 may not have had the success they needed at the time of their first album, but they certainly have it now. One thing’s for sure, this group’s music doesn’t go quietly into the night.

Listen to Delta 5 on Spotify now.

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Looking Back: Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

Today marks the fifteenth anniversary of Arctic Monkeys’ Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, and the monumental bang it punches has certainly stood the test of time. It’s undeniable that this is one of their most defining records, and even the album art alone has become an icon in the UK music scene. 

Being that I was just six years old when the album released (I know, I know….), I was a few years late to the party. I first found Arctic Monkeys when I was about eleven after randomly seeing their video for “Fluorescent Adolescent” pop up on YouTube. I was immediately hooked, and I absolutely needed to hear more; thus began my deep-dive into their discography of the time. 

Now, don’t get me wrong—every record of theirs is nothing short of a masterpiece. There’s something special about WPSIATWIN, though, and I frequently find myself being pulled towards it the most and listening to it in full every time. With such a mint tracklist, how could you even think about pressing skip on any song?

The record opens up with fast-paced, intoxicating energy through “The View From The Afternoon.” It serves as an incredible introduction for the rest of the album and provides listeners with a good idea of what’s to come. It’s playful, it’s loud, and it’s boisterous, and that sort of vivacity definitely doesn’t end there as “I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor” follows it up. To this day, it remains one of my favourite Arctic Monkeys songs of all time, and I know I’m not alone when I say that this is a legendary one. I mean, have you seen the way crowds react when they hear this song? There is no way in hell you could ever sit still while it plays, and if you somehow can, I don’t think I can trust you. End of. 

Next up is “Fake Tales Of San Francisco,” which happens to be one that gets stuck in my head quite easily, but I’m definitely not complaining. The catchy guitar riffs, the comedic lyrics, the explosion that erupts from the band after the lyric “So all that’s left / Is the proof that love’s not only blind but deaf…” 

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. 

The next three songs that follow are perfectly placed, in my opinion. You’ve got “Dancing Shoes,” which practically begs you to get up, stop paying any mind to what others may think or say, and just have fun. “You Probably Couldn’t See For The Lights But You Were Staring Straight At Me” is another personal favourite of mine (criminally underrated, might I add), and it’s such an addictive track. It does a fantastic job at keeping the energy high, which then leads into the snarky, boyish track “Still Take You Home” flawlessly. 

Oh, “Riot Van,” how I love you so. It’s an absolute dream of a song; I love the story that is told within the lyrics, and the overall feel of the track is drastically more chilled out than the rest of the album. “Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured” snaps listeners out of that trance, though, and my god, does it do an amazing job at getting people back up on their feet. Just below, you will find my favourite verse in that song; the delivery will never fail to give me chills.

Well calm down, temper, temper

You shouldn’t get so annoyed

Well, you’re acting like a silly little boy

And they wanted to be men

And do some fighting in the street

They said, “No surrender

No chance of retreat”

It goes without saying that “Mardy Bum” is a staple in Arctic Monkeys’ discography. Despite the lyrics describing a rather rocky relationship, it has such a youthful charm that can make anybody’s eyes light up just by hearing the first few chords. It’s the essence of perfection summed up in under three minutes. Need I say more?

Alright, my favourite, favourite song off of the record is up next. “Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But…” is an absolute mind-blower. I’ve loyally stood by this one as my personal top pick for ages now, and I definitely don’t see it changing anytime soon. I’m just genuinely in love with every single aspect of this song; I love the dirty tone of the guitars, the aggression within the lyrics, and the killer jam session that fills up the remainder of the track. Plus, who doesn’t love hearing Alex Turner shout, “All you people are vampires!” towards the end? 

Like “I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor” and “Mardy Bum,” “When The Sun Goes Down” is another quintessential Arctic Monkeys song. I still haven’t been able to catch an Arctic Monkeys show, but whenever I do, I would be willing to make a deal with the devil to guarantee that this would be on the setlist. It is both a desperate want and need to hear this live, and in case you need any further evidence as to why that is, look no further.

Now we’re down to the final two tracks: “From The Ritz To The Rubble” and “A Certain Romance.” What a way to draw the record to a close, huh? Both songs are exhilarating and successfully encapsulate the general feel of the entire album, and before you know it, you’re back to “The View From The Afternoon” to give it another well-deserved listen. 

Can you tell I absolutely adore this record? Since I found it at such a young age, it’s safe to say that it played a massive role in shaping my taste in music. I hold it near and dear to my heart, and I’m confident that this will be an album people still talk about in decades to come. Happy 15th, you powerhouse, you.

New Wave Pop/Indie Pop Why We Love

Why We Love: Studio Killers

When I say ‘virtual band’ you’ll probably first think of Gorillaz, but move over Damon for this group of equally crazed animals. Studio Killers are back and bigger than ever before, thanks to one classic tune’s unexpected viral success.

The animated group, formed of singer ‘Chubby Cherry’ keyboardist ‘Goldie Foxx’ and DJ ‘Dyna Mink’ (as well as their manager ‘Bipolar Bear’) first gained attention in 2011 when their single ‘Ode to the Bouncer’ reached number 9 in the UK Club charts. Doing live gigs as a virtual band is just as tricky as you’d imagine. Still, after crowdfunding the money to kickstart their venture into the physical world, the band first brought their animated personas to life in 2014.

After enjoying their first album’s major success, the group suddenly went quiet as the characters’ anonymous talent went back to doing their own thing. That was until 2018 when a video appeared on their YouTube channel announcing big things. The same year, they brought us two brand new singles and announced that they would be crowdfunding an animated web series based around their characters.

Some lucky bands see an unexpected surge in their popularity when one of their songs is featured in a movie or a tv show. There are many examples of groups being propelled into the spotlight, thanks to Hollywood, but something this group didn’t expect was to become a TikTok phenomenon. Their track ‘Jenny’ became a viral sound used by thousands of creators on the platform and has since relaunched the band into the spotlight and gained calls for new music ASAP.

Jenny is all about lead singer Cherry’s infatuation with her best friend, with one particular lyric being put to short videos of peoples friends, dogs, vegetables, you name it.

I wanna ruin our friendship. We should be lovers instead.


Since the band’s formation, the musicians’ identities have remained a mystery, with all online interactions done via animated videos or stand-in look-alikes. The voice behind the ever-lovable singer Cherry is rumoured to be male singer Teemu Brunila of the band The Crash. Studio Killers have neither confirmed nor denied this, but if it is true, his female persona certainly adds a whole new spin to these already brilliant songs.

In celebration of their second wave of success, the band released an official lyric video to Jenny on YouTube. Their fanbase’s soaring growth will surely help in the group’s pursuit of making an animated series of Cherry and the boys, with the Kickstarter already having gained over double the support of their original crowdfunded gigs back in 2014.

For those who maybe aren’t usually keen on electronic or club music, fear not. Studio Killers offer something more entirely. The band’s fun, comical and fearless personas are full of all the bits we love about virtual bands, they most definitely offer something refreshing. Every Studio Killers song is a treat, so go ahead and treat yourself – take it away, Cherry.

Listen to Studio Killers on Spotify now.