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Why We Love: Delorentos

It’s safe to say that Dublin has become the capital of new and exciting European bands pushing the boundaries and breaking norms in the past ten years. Delorentos are one such band who experienced a whirlwind of success with their single S.E.C.R.E.T, which launched these college students from Ireland into the spotlight across the world and spawned a plethora of great albums. The band takes inspiration from the legends Arcade Fire and Pixies; the resulting sound is equally phenomenal.

The music video to S.E.C.R.E.T was filmed at a house party and gained public attention for being the first Irish music video to feature a same-sex kiss. The band described it as causing ‘quite a stir’ in Ireland at the time.

Delorentos recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of the single which had launched the band’s career. In a video posted to their YouTube channel, they gave some insight into how the song had shaped their lives.

Soon after their success, things took a turn for the worst. Their manager quit, their distribution company folded, and they ended up losing their record deal. With the future uncertain, singer and guitarist Ronan Yourell left the band, and the group decided it was time to split.

They left behind them an album’s worth of unfinished demos, so at the start of 2009, the members reunited to record what they called a ‘farewell album’. Being back in the studio together brought back many fond memories of the bands. It reminded them how much they enjoyed writing together without the overhead pressures of labels or the expectation to top their hit single. They decided to reform the band.

Delorentos released the finished album You Can Make Sound in October 2009, which in its first week reached number 2 in the Irish Charts and gave way for many great follow up works.

Since then, their continued success has taken the band across the world, their music to almost every continent, and many great albums from them following suit.

These four from Dublin, who met as college students, now write brilliant music which goes from strength to strength, we love them and you will too.

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