Creators Monthly: January

Kicking off our new year with a bang, here are some spectacular rising artists you need to be listening to. Welcome to an all-new edition of Creators Monthly, music submitted to us by you, our readers. Take it away!


Linsley Hartenstein, who goes by the name Darity is a singer/songwriter from Ohio and the first artist to be featured not once, but twice in Creators Monthly. Her recent single Silver Spoon had us hooked from the get-go in October last year, as her phenomenal voice and songwriting talent simply blew us away. Darity’s new single, Everything, delivers on all of the promises laid out by her earlier work and feels like a natural next step for her continuously evolving style. The dream-pop feel we’ve come to love her for is weaved beautifully throughout, but no single ever sounds the same. When we featured Darity once before, we had a sneaky suspicion she would be one artist to watch. If her skyrocketing Spotify figures are anything to go by, then there really is no limit to how high she might soar next.

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Jessica Luise

Jessica Luise is a singer from Manchester whose new single Nice Try is a blissfully bittersweet tale of events, perfect listening for fans of Biig Piig or Beabadoobee. Over lockdown and away from the calamities of everyday life, a lot of Jess’ songwriting inspiration comes from daydreaming about fictional relationships with characters of her favourite television shows. Listening to her music is like walking through the melancholic dreams of an empathetic young woman, living a life beyond the confines of her home. Dreams which, for this artist, have given a wealth of new material to contribute towards her astounding sound. Within the northern indie scene especially, the music of Jess Luise is a new treat.

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For fans of The Night Cafe and Katy J Pearson. Isabel Whelan, better known as BEL combines your typical indie sounds we’ve all come to love and stirs a hefty dollop of folk in that mix. Her third single and first of 2021 Treading Water is a great brooding and intimate track that compels you to drive windows down and just vibe. Talking about the initial concept of the song, Whelan said she wrote Treading Water in late 2018, after graduating from college and having a bit of an existential crisis as you do. Her friend played the chords on guitar and suddenly all the emotions poured out and the song may as well have written itself. Heralded as “some kind of underground, indie, Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac” soundscape which I think perfectly captures the atmosphere of BEL, and leaves us excited for what else is in store for the LA singer. So don’t forget to check out more of BEL’s releases.

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Amber Ais

Amber Ais from Boston, MA began her career in music as a young girl who loved nothing more than singing at her local church. After being given a guitar for her birthday, as so many great musicians did, she set forth into the world with songs of her own. Her music holds the same charming and emotive qualities of the gospel which inspired her, combined with other flavours together gives Amber a sound all of her own. These songs are all about the experiences of a young woman in Boston. Her music is gentle, joyful and full of life. It’s the perfect lift needed to get you through another month of lockdown and, true to the style of the music which she loved to sing so dearly, makes you feel part of something bigger.

Watch out on the 26th of February for Amber’s new single Better Without Me, a ‘pop-inspired anthem’ about ‘the bitterness and inadequacy of how your life compares to others.’ Amber already gave us a listen, and it’s one you should definitely be excited about.

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James Leprettre

With his first release since EP Quiet Scenes, James Leprettre’s latest single Paper Bag is the quintessential tune for those lonely isolated days we’re all bathing in at the moment. For fans of Alexandra Saviour and Dan The Man, Leprettre’s blend of acoustic folk with slick modern production makes for a desolate sound which matches any mood you could possibly need it to. It’s something to relate to but blissfully beautiful enough for an escape of the world’s repetitive madness. Paper Bag’s music video is superb, it’s simple yet effective and perfectly captured the vibe of the tune. Catchy melodies, well-written tracks and videos which stick to your retinas.

James Leprettre is somebody to keep a very close eye on. Don’t forget to check out his EP Quiet Scenes for more of that hug of folky goodness.

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Jozem’s Black Night EP includes the incredible track Stay. The tune packs a remarkable music video and a stunningly ambient sound. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Jozem’s music is described as ‘experimental-soul, dark, mysterious and alluring’. Gifted with a voice that somehow blends the tones of 80s neo-soul with modern pop falsetto, his music dances in your ears like moonlight over water. Jozem describes himself as a bit of a ‘dreamer’, and in his new single Dreams, we get a more in-depth look. The song talks about, what he remembers as, a time of great uncertainty in his life. The new single is due for release on the 5th of February and having already had a sneak peek, we can tell you’re in for a real treat. Stay up to date with his releases on Instagram.

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With a name like LOBSTERBOMB, you can’t not be just a little intrigued by the madness of their music could you? Formed in a Berlin basement, this is a band who don’t go gently into the night. For fans of Wolf Alice, Dream Wife, Amyl and The Sniffers, this band’s kickass sound includes a somewhat lush quality seen to be making a comeback with the likes of IDLES and The Garden. Yes Yes Yeah is a song that demands to be dialled up to eleven. It’s raw, energetic and has an electrifying quality which leaves you moshing in your own bedroom. The overdrive vocals combined with a 60’s rock n roll flare bring together the very best of two famous eras in music. As this is only their debut single, it leaves us curious as to what this band will conjure up next. Their first EP is expected later this year, we’re sure you’ll hear it coming before it hits you.

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Thanks to all the musicians who submitted their music this month, make sure to keep an eye out for more brilliant artists this year. We’ll see you next time.

The TWM Team

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