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Why We Love: Maggie the Cat

And just like that, summer’s over and it’s October, the month when spooks and ghouls roam the earth freely. Prime time for the debut solo release from a founding member of south London’s finest and freakiest gang of voodoo high priestesses, Madonnatron.

If you’ve heard Madonnatron, then you’ve heard Maggie. Her voice is the lynchpin of the band’s signature sound, the gathering force that holds it all together, powerful and hypnotic. She’s recently struck out on her own, embarking on a solo career under her Madonnatron moniker, “Maggie the Cat.”

With her Farrah Fawcett hair, glam rock eye makeup and brooding, melancholy, stare, she explained the evolution of her solo work thusly: “Maggie the Cat emerged over the last few years like the mutant love child of covid and my long running obsession with Elizabeth Taylor, most notably her character of that name from the Tennessee Williams play, ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.’

Her debut single, “I Think Last Night I Killed A Man,” is a definite shift from Madonnatron’s harsh, witch-punk sound. The production is more technically intricate: “… centered around a lot of quite dark, melancholic symphonic refrains juxtaposed with 80s synth sounds and disco drum patterns. The vocals are something of an id festival and may have ventured into other realms in places as I’m shamelessly emotional and the voice is a real channel for the soul, I think,” Maggie explains.

“Bianca Jagger rides in on a horse any second…” she teased on Instagram, days before the single’s release. A fitting comparison; the stylization is very Studio 54, albeit with a touch of what Maggie the Cat calls, “general murderous content,” a sinister speciality of supposed sweetness followed by violence, honed in the service of years of lyric writing for Madonnatron. Her blog describes the forthcoming album as “…simultaneously bewitching, erotic, menacing, and occasionally chilling (although never without mischief.)”

Trashmouth Records, the infamous New Malden-based independent record label that nurtured the raw, loose-cannon power of cult favorite rock n’ roll bands such as Warmduscher, the Fat White Family (and of course, Madonnatron) into musical adulthood, are backing Maggie the Cat’s solo efforts.

You can purchase “Last Night I Think I Killed A Man,” via Bandcamp at the link provided below. It is available to stream on all platforms.

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Indie Idols: Will and the People

Image by Daniel Harris

Have you ever attended a concert and decided to skip the support acts? After all, they’re not who you’re there to see and one more drink in the bar is so tempting! If you have, I must say I think you missed out on some possibly brilliant music. I used to think that the support acts were just an unnecessary warm up to the main event, however, I have come to realize the error of my ways, and have since discovered some impeccable artists supporting others. This month’s Indie Idol is evidence of that. In 2019, I attended a Barns Courtney concert at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London, and had looked up the support acts, Ulysses Wells and Will and the People, on Spotify before going in. Now I must admit, I was not entirely convinced of Will and the People’s music when I first heard it but after seeing them perform, in their underwear I might add, I was hooked. Their performance was incredibly energetic, charismatic and addictive, and I have since seen them again – most recently at Boardmasters festival just over a week ago. At which their performance was once again sublime and full of frontman Will Rendle’s usual antics – crowd surfing for example.

Hailing from Brighton, Will and the People formed in 2010 with brothers Will and Jamie Rendle (although Jamie joined later), Charlie Harman and Jim Ralphs and are considered by many as one of “the most down to earth bands, who appreciate every single one of their fans and put 110% into their live shows!”* It is with no doubt that Will and the People definitely go over and above with their gigs, the atmosphere is electric and shows tend to be a generally riotous experience, whether they’re the support or headline act, Will and the People will be a highlight of your night. The band have so far released four albums, with a new one promised for November, and it is difficult to classify Will and the People’s music into a single genre as every song is so distinct from each other that the variation is like a signature of the group. One of the band’s earliest tracks, Lion in the Morning Sun, for instance, has some very obvious pop music vibes but is full of ska and reggae fervour, with a strong but fast paced walking beat, almost reminiscent of the ska-punk or 2 tone genre that rose to popularity with bands like The Specials or The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, whereas more recent tracks like Justify, a track released in September of last year, has a more emotional rock ballad sound merged with rap elements and ethereal aspects similar to that of the band Evanescence. 

Of the band’s work, the song that stands out most to me as something special is the 2019 single Gigantic. Lyrically, the track tells the story of love, specifically familial love and how the people you choose to surround yourself with and those who love you can make the world better than anything. It discusses the sentiment that you would do anything for your family and friends, as evidenced in the first lyric, “I could be there for you, if you want me to,” as well as, the idea that even if you’re feeling down or lonely you will always have your family and friends to fall back on, just as they would have you, no matter how far away you are. The accompanying music video effortlessly depicts the warmth and sentimentality of the song, as it is presented as a sort of home video, going from door to door collecting relatives, young and old, to go to a large family get together. Hearing Will call his grandmother in the opening seconds really elevates that feeling of the music video and overall creates a human connection with the audience as you almost feel like you are part of the family.

Lucky for all who love them, Will and the People have a new single coming out on the 27th. In two days! Animal, a long awaited song that has been all over the world in its production stages, is sure to blow your mind. And! To add to the excitement, are on tour around the UK right now, and then all over Europe in the first few months of 2022.

*Quote from Tom Embling, who saw WATP on the 22nd in Bristol, where they, once again, performed in underwear. The tour wardrobe must be very compact!


Why We Love: Madonnatron

Madonnatron formed in 2014  by “arising unabashed from the mists of the Thames,” (that’s according to their Spotify bio) released their eponymous debut album in 2017 and, since then have gone on to conquer the hearts of listeners the world over with their 2019 album Musica Alla Puttanesca, featuring the hit single, “Goodnight Little Empire,” (which appears in the soundtrack of Netflix’s Emily in Paris.) 

Their sonic impression live has been likened to that of Michigan-born proto-punk marauders the Stooges as well as early-career Joy Division, and if the miraculous melding of those two disparate sounds doesn’t melt your synapses in the best way imaginable upon the first listen, then darling, you’re simply not human.

Trashmouth Records have recently released a remix of “Venus and Rahu,” a track off Musica Alla Puttanesca, as part of their 10th anniversary 10 Years Still Not Dead celebration compendium.Within days of its release, the remix had already been spun and praised by Amy Lamé on her BBC 6 radio show.

In their own words, Madonnatron say: “If ever there was a real pulsating, strutting, superbad music ‘scene’ in South London at any point in the last ten years, it is a certainty that visionaries Liam and Luke of Trashmouth Records, were firmly at the epicentre. Flying the flag of truth for outsider music in this stifling elitist terrain, the brothers May have lovingly catapulted bands such as feral darlings the Fat White Family, Warmduscher, Meatraffle, and not least Warrior Queens of utmost sonic savagery MADONNATRON to your stereos. 10 Years Still Not Dead is the vinyl equivalent to the book of revelations, go forth and listen to its delinquent teachings! Forever Trashmouth!” 


You can hear Madonnatron live at The Victoria on September 25th, where they will be supporting fellow Trashmouth record label signees, Meatraffle, as well as the avant-garde stylings of Nuha Ruby Ra.

The Trashmouth remix of “Venus and Rahu” (as well as Madonnatron’s album Musica Alla Puttanesca and a treasure trove of singles) are available via Bandcamp, linked below.


The Return of The Wombats!

Praise the marsupial gods, it wasn’t a one-off! The Wombats are back with a new single and the announcement of their fifth studio album, “Fix Yourself, Not The World.”

Upon dropping “Method To The Madness,” fans were treated to a chill, lo-fi track with a bite, a very different sound to come from the magnificent minds of The Wombats (but a very welcome one, nonetheless). Clearly, the time between their last album and side project efforts has culminated with the bounds of free time the last year has ‘gifted’ us to birth a brand new direction for the band. This isn’t any “blah” music that just has The Wombats’ name slapped on top of it, however—it’s a real treat of indie goodness. If you’re worried that the rest of the album would follow suit to the calmer vibes of “Method To The Madness,” fear not. The band’s second single, “If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming With You,” shows the band’s versatility by pumping out those beloved Wombat-y vibes along with that fresh, new sound you hear in “Method To The Madness.”

“If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming With You” channels so much of that classic Wombats sound with a blood-pumping beat that beckons you to dance around a dim-lit dance floor with your arms around the shoulders of your best mates. With these two singles alone, the diversity of this new album is sure to be something to admire and savour. Hearing Murph, Dan and Tord play the hell out of this tune just makes me so ecstatic for what’s yet to come. If the second half of “Method To The Madness” wasn’t enough to blow your socks off, then the constant flames from “If You Ever Leave” surely will. So, guys, maybe plan on dropping some Wombat-themed socks in the next merch rollout?

The visuals we’ve seen so far are a beautiful complement to the music. The vibrant pixel-based art between both single covers tease uniformity and a consistent sound to come from the album, but the contrasting colour palettes and the vibrancy of the now-revealed album cover showcase the endless possibilities in sound we’ve yet to be presented with.

The album’s name is a wonderfully present sentiment, too. In the modernity of global responsibility everyone seems to have taken on lately, whether it’s issues of our climate or the pandemic, the idea of self-love and self-improvement can often be brushed under the rug, getting lost in the midst of the bigger picture. Of course, the big picture is important, but the finer details that make up you and me are just as important in making the grander affairs of the world better. I, for one, certainly embrace the message of this album and cannot wait for it to bless my ears on the 7th of January 2022. This year’s been speeding along like a runaway train, so as long as we can keep it on the rails, I think we can make for a smooth ride until then.

Catch The Wombats on tour next year and pre-order/save the new album now! (You’re gonna thank yourself when January comes along, trust me.)

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Why We Love: Press Club

Spotify’s Discover Weekly is a wonderfully exciting place where you can unearth artists specifically tailored to your tastes and it is what led me to a band that has been described as “one of the most exciting young prospects in rock music.” Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Press Club’s gritty garage-punk sound first blessed the ears of Bandcamp listeners in 2017 with the release of their single Headwreck, a hazy two and half minute anthem clearly expressing the band’s true unadulterated passion and determination that has continued to shine throughout their two subsequent albums, Late Teens and Wasted Energy.

Influenced by bands like Brand New and Hüsker Dü, the energetic and chaotic sound of their music can often be seen to juxtapose the peaceful and laid back vibe that their narrative music videos exude, an effect that is especially evident in the video accompanying Suburbia, a personal favourite of mine and their most streamed track on Spotify. The calm everyday visuals of the video create an anticipatory tension throughout that reflects the angsty nostalgia of old relationships and moving on, a feeling that I am sure many can relate to. Lead singer Natalie Foster introduces dream-like vocals that explode into punk fervour, a technique common in Press Club’s discography, in Crash and Same Mistakes for example, and gives the band that irresistible indie edge and attracts an audience atypical to the punk genre.

The band tends to embody a kind of “go with the flow” attitude, creating music with ambiguity allowing the listener to interpret the meaning in a way unique to themselves and, as Foster revealed, deciding upon song titles and even their band name by throwing ideas around and seeing what felt right. Many of Press Club’s songs do, however, deal with quite heavy topics enabling an emotional connection to form between the band and the listener over similar shared experiences. Twenty-Three, the concluding track to their Wasted Energy album, for example, discusses topics such as drugs and how you can’t hide from your actions.

As a band notorious among its fans for delivering loud, atmospheric gigs and tirelessly touring around Australia, Europe, and the UK, racking up a huge number of shows in the last few years, Press Club should 100% be at the top of your “bands to see live” list. They will not disappoint.

Photo by: Ian Laidlaw

Listen to Press Club on Spotify now.

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Why We Love: Will Orchard

Will Orchard is one of the most astonishing musicians of recent years. Originally hailing from the state of Rhode Island, he began making music in 2014 under the strange and immediately eye catching moniker “LittleBoyBigHeadOnBike.” 

Armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar, he released his self-titled EP on December 30th, 2014. However, he did not even come close to slowing down there, proceeding to release an EP every week from December 30th, 2014 up until 2016. To date, he has amassed over 100 releases under his belt. 

Most of these EPs contain sparse, plaintive songs featuring Will and his acoustic guitar. However, other EPs feature instruments such as bowed guitar and keyboard, as well as guest vocalists. 

As he put out more and more music, Will also began to cultivate a following by playing live frequently. Although he started out hovering around Rhode Island and Massachusetts, by the middle of 2017, he was venturing out to states such as North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. 

Around this time, he began to update and remodel the music that he released, recruiting other musicians to help him round out his ideas. His official debut album, God Damn Wonderland, came out on June 23rd, 2017, and contains some of the most beautiful and unique music to date. While the sounds and styles of his previous works still dwell in the undertones of the album, they have been augmented with atmospheric yet personal production, as well as a wide variety of instruments including banjo and clarinet. The album truly catapulted Will into a league of his own as a musician, displaying his knack for crafting intricate melodies and nostalgic lyrics that emit an almost childlike sense of wonder. 

The touring became even more constant as Will and his band canvassed the country multiple times every year. What makes this even more shocking is that Will did all of this independently; there was no record label backing him. Even more mind blowing is the fact that during this time, Will joined another band, The Brazen Youth, as their touring bass player, meaning that he then went on even more tours. The Brazen Youth have also done well for themselves, even playing a coveted set on Audiotree. 

Following the release of his debut album, Will continued to release self-recorded EPs as well as two other albums, 2018’s Big Blue Butterflies and 2020’s Old Friends On The Mountain, the latter of which was the first album released under his own name rather than LittleBoyBigHeadOnBike. Both of these albums were very well received by numerous indie publications as well as his audience. 

Despite the pandemic, Will has stayed productive: he has played on numerous live stream concerts, signed a record deal with Better Company Records, and released a new album, I Reached My Hand Out, on May 7th, 2021. 

Will Orchard live at Askew in Providence, Rhode Island on November 9th, 2019.
Photo by Jack Downey

Listen to Will Orchard on Spotify now.



We’re back. You want more music and we wanna share it. Get ready to pick your crème de la crème and upgrade your playlists with the tunes we can’t stop thinking about.

American Beauty – Biig Piig

Biig Piig’s latest EP takes a much more rounded and softer approach in the textures of her music, but closer track American Beauty brings the noise up like the alternative rock bands from the 00’s, showing her versatility and talent yet again.

Energy – Pa Salieu FT. Mahalia

Meet Pa Salieu, the winner of BBC Sound of 2021. Redefining and keeping the wheel turning, this is one rapper who you absolutely must keep your ears and eyes open.

Duo – Sam Gellaitry

I discovered Sam Gellaitry on TikTok by pure chance and haven’t turned by back since, I recommend you do the same.

Peace And Quiet – FEET

Can you really go wrong with FEET?

SUPERNORMAL – Everything Everything

Once again the alternative electronic ecstasy of Everything Everything is unmatched, and their track SUPERNORMAL is sure to keep your chests beating.

Method To The Madness – The Wombats

A new venture for the iconic marsupials we all know and love, but make no mistake. This almost lo-fi-based track from The Wombats packs a punch that you don’t want to be in front of when it kicks off.

Mirror – Sigrid

Sigrid is BACK, baby, and better than ever. Everything great about her last album is dialed up to 11 on Mirror and we’re all here for it.

Citizen Erased – Muse (OoS RemiXX)

A classic but remixed.. remastered..? Well, whatever Muse have been re-doing to the tracks from their 2nd album’s 10th anniversary edition, it’s working and makes revisiting this classic album all the more enchanting.

Futureproof – Nothing But Thieves

I’ve only just come down after the high that was Moral Panic, and now NBT deliver this? Bathe me in the leather silk that is Futureproof and don’t come get me unless there’s an Emergency. Not even kidding, leave me be. This track sends me.


My partner showed me an ALASKALASKA song a little while back and as the months have gone by I’ve really found myself just hooked and for good reason. Just get a taste of this.


To top it all off with an absolute banger, you can never go wrong with a bit of CHVRCHES. But slap on a side of Robert Smith? That’s a classic before it’s even had time to tour the world.

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Creators Monthly: May

Welcome back to that wonderful time again where here at Totally Wired Mag, we like to celebrate the rising stars, the artists big or small, whose music and talent deserve a place on your playlists. So without further ado, let’s dive right in – hit play and discover your next favourite tune.


Singer/songwriter Linsley Hartenstein, the artist known as Darity is back with yet another phenomenal single which, just like all of her tunes, will carry you away to another dimension. ‘Out of it’ is a song made from luscious synthesiser soundscapes, woven together with the same earnest and enchanting voice which has made us at Totally Wired Mag some of Darities top fans – yes we’ll fight you for the title. A songwriter who started out over nine years ago, Linsley has truly honed in her craft of putting the unexplainable bits of life into beautiful words and spectacular melodies. While every single one of her tracks is a treat for the ears, ‘Out of it’ is Darity at the most remarkable we’ve seen her yet.

Add to playlist (Spotify)

Haleluya Hailu

‘Breakfast’ is the first track from the upcoming debut EP by singer/songwriter Haleluya Hailu. The tune is a tease at what is set to be a fantastically ‘80s fueled concoction of teen angst, honest emotions and real experiences. In Haleluya’s own words, ‘Breakfast’ is the epitome of ‘Heartbreak, parties… and pasta’. So grab your bowl of warm comfort food and let this track entice your excitement for the brilliant things to come in the upcoming EP.

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Speaking of sonic concoctions to tantalize your eardrums, the new collaborative single ‘All The Little Things’ by band Tobisonics and their poetic partner in art, Chris Ingram, AKA Wee Scots Poet, is a tune that radio DJ’s around the world haven’t been able to leave alone. A feel-good tune for an upcoming summer of sun, it’s a reminder of a hopeful future as we leave the hard times behind us. Tobisonics and Wee Scots Poet are a partnership full of life, so dance your way into June with this phenomenal track at the very top of your playlists.

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Max Swan

Featured on one of our very first Creators Monthly lists, Max Swan from Philadelphia entered the world of jazz at a young age, an important beginning that has since influenced his musical style as he began to navigate other genres, stretching the boundaries of pop, rock and soul. From his highly diverse mix of influences came his distinctive ‘electrosoul’ style. Max’s new single Leanin’ is the latest in his so far incredible discography. The tune is a fantastical blend of R&B and hip hop, married with elements of jazz and soul. As an artist who is constantly evolving, Max Swan is never afraid to dip his hands into new experimental sounds. His musical journey has gone from strength to strength, easy to see in each of his fantastic tunes.

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The new indie-pop single ‘Village’ from singer/songwriter Merpire is a tune written straight from the heart, putting all of her feelings about self-doubt into one superb song. The single comes with the announcement of her debut album ‘Simulation Ride’ to be released this coming July under Warner’s ADA label. The album’s theme is about looking for those patches of clear blue sky when your mind is clouded by anxiety. Just as growth comes with facing your problems head-on, Merpire’s new single is just as much about her own personal growth since releasing her very first single performed live from her bedroom back in 2018.

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Hotel Decor

Canadian artist Hotel Decor returns with a brand new single, ‘Could It Take Me Any Longer’, the title track from a highly anticipated upcoming EP. Like everything we’ve seen from Hotel Decor in the past, we’ve been gifted yet another deliciously lo-fi tune filled with life and soul. This is what we’ll be jamming out to this summer.

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Speaking of silky slick lo-fi grooves, Italian artist Steve Fileti, known to us as Sacramento, just released the second single ‘MAMA’ from his upcoming album ‘Latte – The Italian Breakfast’. It’s a tune that will leave you dreaming of drives through the countryside, sunshine and ice cream. ‘Latte – The Italian Breakfast’ is out on the 11th of June, save the date!

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That’s all for this month folks! Be sure to check back next month for an all-new list of artists you’ll love.

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Live Music Back Again?

Here in the UK, life is slowly beginning to feel like normal after hospitality venues were allowed to open again this week. Following cautiously behind, the rest of the world is beginning to reopen concert venues and book live bands. But what will life look like once live music returns? And is it too soon to start buying tour tickets?

Superstars from the north, the sensational Blossoms were the headline act at the UK’s first official mass gathering in well over a year. The pilot gig, held in Liverpool’s Sefton Park, was given the go-ahead last month in order to test the waters before any official comment was given on whether we may see large events return soon.

You may think that after more than a year of restrictions, facemasks, and social distancing, especially in one of England’s worst-hit areas, people may feel a little cautious before jumping back into a crowd. If there’s anyone on Earth you can trust to bring live music back in true fashion, however, it’s the people of Liverpool.

A top lineup of local artists played to a sea of five thousand people as fans reportedly jumped on each other’s shoulders, lighting flares and spilling beer. It looks safe to say the gig was a hit.

Headliners Blossoms were supported by new kids on the block The Lathums as well as local singer-songwriter Zuzu.

The excitement for British music fans didn’t end there, however. As the annual BRIT Awards rolled around, we saw yet another dazzling lineup of awesome talent. Arlo Parks performed her song Hope, a song that almost brought a tear to the eye as we were reminded of how much we’ve missed her. After performing, she picked up the award for Best Breakthrough Artist—an award most definitely deserved.

COVID restrictions didn’t stop brilliant artists from around the world from picking up awards as they video-linked to the stadium for their acceptance speeches. Singers Dua Lipa, The Weekend and Elton John also gave very special performances to the live audience of fully-vaccinated NHS workers. Upon collecting her award, Dua Lipa was sure to drive home a call for a ‘fair pay rise’ for all frontline workers.

With all that excitement, plus the many rumours surrounding new albums in the air at the moment, the future for music fans everywhere is looking brighter than ever.

It wasn’t hard to miss the smashing new singles dropped by Wolf Alice over the past couple of months on the buildup to their third official album. Singles such as Smile and No Hard Feelings have pointed to this record being the best we’ve seen from the band yet. Fans in the UK and Ireland will be able to catch the band live in concert later this year; make sure you grab your tickets fast.

The Vaccines are a band that you can always count on to re-invent themselves in phenomenal fashion with every album they write. Their new single Headphones Baby gives us our very first glimpse into what’s in store. Tour dates are still yet to be announced.

On the subject of new music, we couldn’t end without an honorary mention of the new double-side single from our ride or die, the ever-lovable Mattiel. A fabulous new single with a particular Kirsty Maccoll groove, Those Words is out now on 7” vinyl.

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Trashmouth Records Remix Release: Heaven On Earth

New Malden-based, cult favorite, indie label Trashmouth Records have released the second track from their tenth anniversary compilation album. It’s a remix of “Heaven on Earth,” a deliciously chaotic, sonically schizophrenic rocker from Fat White Family’s incendiary debut, Champagne Holocaust.

A statement from Trashmouth Records explains the concept behind the remix album and offers a preview into its contents: “The remixes see the brothers Liam & Luke May, who not only run the label, but have recorded, produced and mixed all of their releases at Trashmouth Studios in New Malden, exploiting their long-standing Acid-House roots (see Decius/Medicine 8).”

“The LP will of course be pressed on the finest affordable, luxurious fake-gold vinyl & encompass a visual history of the label within its artwork, featuring photographs of the now legendary Trashmouth nights at the Brixton Windmill, where bands bitched & bonded, where blood, booze & tears were spilled in almost equal measure & where the seeds of a small corner of modern musical history were inadvertently sewn.”

Fat White Family ringleader Lias Saoudi eloquently explains the incredible importance that Trashmouth Records holds for him: “Where does mediocrity go to die? Simple: New Malden…Trashmouth Records are the only positive energy left in South London, all else is just a congregation of fashionable dust. The only way I can get to sleep at night nowadays is by telling myself over and over again that it was real, that I really did cut a few records with those grand masters, those brothers sonic oracular – Liam and Luke May. That no matter how bad it all gets, they can never take that away from me. That is my truth. THE truth. OUR TRUTH.”

Over the next few months, we can look forward to remix releases from other Trashmouth Records signings such as Madonnatron and Meatraffle, before the release of the album in full.

Trashmouth Records 10th Anniversary Commemorative Photo Collage by Lou Smith.

The track listing is as follows:

  1. Fat White Family – Heaven On Earth (Trashmouth Remix)
  2. Peter Harris & Lee Scratch Perry – Nothing & Then Nothing (Trashmouth Remix)
  3. Warmduscher – Yolk Buns USA (Trashmouth Remix)
  4. Meatraffle – The Horseshoe (Trashmouth Remix)
  5. Madonnatron – Venus & Rahu (Trashmouth Remix)
  6. Taman Shud – The Hex Inverted (Trashmouth Remix)
  7. Weston Decker – Lazy (Trashmouth Remix)
  8. Bat-Bike – Drag & Drop (Trashmouth Remix)
  9. Pit Ponies – Arrogant & Sad (Trashmouth Remix)
  10. Chupa Cabra – Violent Urges (Trashmouth Remix)

Individual remix singles, digital downloads and of course, the limited edition gold vinyls, will all be available on Bandcamp.

Join the label in celebrating their landmark accomplishment of surviving a decade navigating the shark-infested waters of the music biz and emerging as South London’s shining knights of sonic expression by purchasing a copy for your record collection.

Imagine dropping the needle down and having Madonnatron, Meatraffle, the Fat White Family and Warmduscher all in your flat at the same time (only without the possible threats of property damage, hearing loss, and the worst hangover you’ve had since that girl back during freshers week convinced you to drink something called Satan Comes for Pope John XII.) Heaven, right? What could be better?

May the place “where mediocrity goes to die,” celebrate many more anniversaries, and may their signings continue to bless us with their sonic dreams and nightmares alike.