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Why We Love: Itsamemyleo

Myles Wheeler (better known as Itsameyleo on the internet) is one of the most fascinating, talented and creative individuals of our generation. TWM is all about music foremost, but Myles here is better known as a major YouTuber or vlogger or whatever floats your boat. But not only is Myles completely my favourite YouTube content creator, but he is also one fabulous musician. You see, Myles has a wondrous talent for storytelling, take a look at any of his videos, the passion that goes into making each one, the emotional depth and the fantastic comedy that just nails the punchline every damn time, he’s someone who is going to be huge within his craft, wherever he strives to go (and I must stress, could be anywhere, this man’s talent is incredible). But along with writing, directing and editing his own video content, Myles composes music to add depth to his YouTube videos, writes music in spare time and even has a band basking in some real improv talent, and good improv music is actually pretty hard to do well, let alone find it.

In a very short span of time, I hope by the end of this you’ll be able to see just some of the sheer power of this humble man’s talent. So to kick things off, here’s Myles’ track, Funnier Last Year a song that has really connected to me over the years. Myles has a knack for glistening chord progressions and really beautiful lyrics that really do speak volumes, paired with such a down to earth voice that suits any emotion, I mean listen for yourself.

Switching to his band Broughton, enabling Myles and company to deliver an even more visceral sound. There are so many brilliant tracks to choose from but my personal favourite has to be 3:58. Initially written through the band jamming, on their improv/demo album Improvovia which can be found on Bandcamp. “Improvising songs is an interesting thing. Sometimes they can fall apart within the first strum of a chord but other times you can all manage to get a feel of the mood and know which direction to take it in. It’s a fun experience.” And to think music this stunning can form from pure improvisation based on perhaps a few lyrical phrases and chord ideas, it’s just really astounding to listen and realise all that synced creativity. It’s something to really admire, and the praise is completely deserved.

There are so many brilliant tracks to choose from such as Drift Away or Flickering Light off their 2014 debut album Alright, Night. The band played live at UK YouTube convention Summer In The City and one of the tracks they played was Fourarms, and it’s here in this live performance you get a taste for the rawness of their music, the passion and energy they put into performing. As a reference, there have been multiple occasions where Myles has broken strings live and cut his hand and bled over his guitar, so the guy really means ‘.bizness’ when he plays.

As far as I’m aware only one of Myles’ albums is on major streaming services such as Spotify being his 2020 EP Beehive, featuring some absolutely beautiful tracks such as I Could Be. Myles’ music is something you just absolutely have to go and check out.

I implore you all to listen to Myles’ solo work on Bandcamp here and check out Broughton’s discography here. Sadly as mentioned before, most of their music is not on streaming sites such as Spotify or Apple Music (Yet..?), but honestly trust me and take the time to check out Myles’ music on Bandcamp because you really won’t regret it.

If you’re a fan of artists such as Dodie and Mac DeMarco or Alex Turner’s Submarine soundtrack, then Myles is someone you must discover. I recommend Epic Eel Time, Drift Away, Long Lovely Life and In Front Of Me, but the bottom line is everything this man pours his heart into is absolute gold and utterly deserves your time, you really can’t go wrong. I hope you enjoy Myles’ work as much as I do.