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Why We Love: Studio Killers

When I say ‘virtual band’ you’ll probably first think of Gorillaz, but move over Damon for this group of equally crazed animals. Studio Killers are back and bigger than ever before, thanks to one classic tune’s unexpected viral success.

The animated group, formed of singer ‘Chubby Cherry’ keyboardist ‘Goldie Foxx’ and DJ ‘Dyna Mink’ (as well as their manager ‘Bipolar Bear’) first gained attention in 2011 when their single ‘Ode to the Bouncer’ reached number 9 in the UK Club charts. Doing live gigs as a virtual band is just as tricky as you’d imagine. Still, after crowdfunding the money to kickstart their venture into the physical world, the band first brought their animated personas to life in 2014.

After enjoying their first album’s major success, the group suddenly went quiet as the characters’ anonymous talent went back to doing their own thing. That was until 2018 when a video appeared on their YouTube channel announcing big things. The same year, they brought us two brand new singles and announced that they would be crowdfunding an animated web series based around their characters.

Some lucky bands see an unexpected surge in their popularity when one of their songs is featured in a movie or a tv show. There are many examples of groups being propelled into the spotlight, thanks to Hollywood, but something this group didn’t expect was to become a TikTok phenomenon. Their track ‘Jenny’ became a viral sound used by thousands of creators on the platform and has since relaunched the band into the spotlight and gained calls for new music ASAP.

Jenny is all about lead singer Cherry’s infatuation with her best friend, with one particular lyric being put to short videos of peoples friends, dogs, vegetables, you name it.

I wanna ruin our friendship. We should be lovers instead.


Since the band’s formation, the musicians’ identities have remained a mystery, with all online interactions done via animated videos or stand-in look-alikes. The voice behind the ever-lovable singer Cherry is rumoured to be male singer Teemu Brunila of the band The Crash. Studio Killers have neither confirmed nor denied this, but if it is true, his female persona certainly adds a whole new spin to these already brilliant songs.

In celebration of their second wave of success, the band released an official lyric video to Jenny on YouTube. Their fanbase’s soaring growth will surely help in the group’s pursuit of making an animated series of Cherry and the boys, with the Kickstarter already having gained over double the support of their original crowdfunded gigs back in 2014.

For those who maybe aren’t usually keen on electronic or club music, fear not. Studio Killers offer something more entirely. The band’s fun, comical and fearless personas are full of all the bits we love about virtual bands, they most definitely offer something refreshing. Every Studio Killers song is a treat, so go ahead and treat yourself – take it away, Cherry.

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