Indie Idols: Crywank

The 1980s were a wild time, to say the least. Teenagers were rebelling – as per usual – and creating their own kind of lifestyle, diverting the general expectations of growing up and maturing that had dominated previous decades. Fashion was outrageous, attitudes were eccentric and controversial, and all of this was reflected in the music. Punk emerged from the

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notes from the trenches

Instead of having a quiet cry whilst reading ‘Glastonbury According to AA Gill,’ we can experience festivals in person again—at least to a certain extent.

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Why We Love: COLLARS

For the uninitiated, COLLARS is an exciting new indie duo composed of Dan (vocals) and Kane (guitar and drums) based in rural Cambridgeshire. Their debut

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Work Tunes:

A playlist of pure discovery. The perfect tunes to listen to while you work.