New Wave Punk/Rock

Hidden Gems: Delta 5

Delta 5 were just one of the many post-punk bands to arise in the north of England during the late 70s and early 80s. Like one of their many new wave counterparts Joy Division, the group only released one album in their short-lived time together, but hell did they write some kick-ass tunes.

After the early success of their singles Mind your own business and You, the band signed to Rough Trade before eventually releasing their debut album See the Whirl with Charisma Records. Despite their initial success, the album received poor reviews, and as a result, the band split shortly afterwards. Despite once being at the forefront of the feminist post-punk movement, Delta 5 is often overlooked in new wave music history.

For years their early singles remained underground classics to those who could find a printed copy until a compilation of their earlier material was released under the title Singles and Sessions. They were thrust into the limelight once again when various Netflix and BBC dramas including Sex Education featured their songs. Delta 5 may not have had the success they needed at the time of their first album, but they certainly have it now. One thing’s for sure, this group’s music doesn’t go quietly into the night.

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