Squire: the next big thing from Newcastle

Rough Trade is a goldmine bursting to the brim of undiscovered and lesser known gems, artists on the up hill climb to stardom, who wholeheartedly deserve to be in the limelight. I discovered the band Squire, hailing from Newcastle, when I popped down to the Bristol Rough Trade a few weeks ago and what a gig they put on! Having released their first single, Drama, in 2019, the band have been steadily growing in popularity, breaking 10,000 streams on Spotify. Since then they have released nine more singles, all equally infectious. With incredible showmanship and their latest release, Lime, this new indie band is

Everything All Of The Time: Kid A Revisited

Rick Simpson brings new life to Radiohead classics at The Jazz Cafe. Though it’s only a stone’s throw from Camden Town tube station, my dash to The Jazz Cafe on the night of Sunday, 20th February was a wet one.  Outside the venue, the latest in a volley of storms was raging through London’s streets. Inside, meanwhile, a drenched crowd was eagerly awaiting pianist and composer Rick Simpson, who was set to perform Everything All Of The Time: Kid A Revisited, his ode to the seminal Radiohead album.  A madly brilliant, sprawling recontextualisation of Kid A presented by way of

Bishopskin: Lean Closer

Bishopskin call the track less “primal,” than their recent single, “I Was Born on an Island,” but the injection of a little modernity ultimately showcases the band’s wide range, and adept control at genre-bending.