Steely Dan: pyncher

Dark, moody, and full of energy and electricity all describe Manchester’s latest underground gem, pyncher, perfectly. The young band exude that raw, dirty, yet artful aesthetic that the post punk space is known for while making it entirely their own – falling somewhere between the gap of post punk and grunge rock. Sam Blakeley’s often elegantly guttural voice, heavily reminiscent of Lux Interior of The Cramps, creates this rich feeling of longing throughout their discography, in a way that, although similar to other punkesque artists, established pyncher as a powerful contender in the scene. Steely Dan, the band’s new single, released by

Ave Maria: Bishopskin

Bishopskin and religious iconography are like bread and butter. Not only is it in their band name, song names, and running through their lyricism like a golden thread, but it is in their live performances, which feel like a spiritual awakening for both band and audience. Their new single, “Ave Maria,” is no different. Another postmodern indie rock canticle added to their discography that I’m sure is to be just as well received as their previous releases.     Tiger Nicholson, lead vocalist, opens the tune with a sombre prayer-like monologue, describing the tangibility and mysticism of his natural surroundings, partnered

Alien Chicks release new single ‘Woodlouse’

Experimental post-punk power trio Alien Chicks released their addictively catchy third single “Woodlouse” on Friday. The Brixton-based band sold out their Windmill Brixton launch party and played to a packed venue on Friday night, causing a big scramble for spare tickets.  The launch was full of energy emanating from both the band and crowd, with a mosh pit throughout their set and more crowd surfers than we have ever witnessed at the Windmill. In matching three-piece costumes, Alien Chicks played a thrilling set, twisting and turning through elements of rap, ska, and jazz and touching on countless different time signatures,

Miles Apart: Kiwanuka At The Brighton Centre

‘Even if we are miles apart.’   These are the echoing last words of Michael Kiwanuka’s ‘Light.’ They’ve taken on new meaning with all that we’ve been through since its release at the end of 2019, which made finally getting to hear them from the man himself even more liberating.  It’s been a long time coming. He was originally set to embark on a UK tour two years ago in support of his eponymous third album, and while that obviously didn’t go to plan, the wait has proven a valuable asset, giving listeners time to fully absorb the record, and allowing