The Return of The Wombats!

Praise the marsupial gods, it wasn’t a one-off! The Wombats are back with a new single and the announcement of their fifth studio album, “Fix Yourself, Not The World.”

Upon dropping “Method To The Madness,” fans were treated to a chill, lo-fi track with a bite, a very different sound to come from the magnificent minds of The Wombats (but a very welcome one, nonetheless). Clearly, the time between their last album and side project efforts has culminated with the bounds of free time the last year has ‘gifted’ us to birth a brand new direction for the band. This isn’t any “blah” music that just has The Wombats’ name slapped on top of it, however—it’s a real treat of indie goodness. If you’re worried that the rest of the album would follow suit to the calmer vibes of “Method To The Madness,” fear not. The band’s second single, “If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming With You,” shows the band’s versatility by pumping out those beloved Wombat-y vibes along with that fresh, new sound you hear in “Method To The Madness.”

“If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming With You” channels so much of that classic Wombats sound with a blood-pumping beat that beckons you to dance around a dim-lit dance floor with your arms around the shoulders of your best mates. With these two singles alone, the diversity of this new album is sure to be something to admire and savour. Hearing Murph, Dan and Tord play the hell out of this tune just makes me so ecstatic for what’s yet to come. If the second half of “Method To The Madness” wasn’t enough to blow your socks off, then the constant flames from “If You Ever Leave” surely will. So, guys, maybe plan on dropping some Wombat-themed socks in the next merch rollout?

The visuals we’ve seen so far are a beautiful complement to the music. The vibrant pixel-based art between both single covers tease uniformity and a consistent sound to come from the album, but the contrasting colour palettes and the vibrancy of the now-revealed album cover showcase the endless possibilities in sound we’ve yet to be presented with.

The album’s name is a wonderfully present sentiment, too. In the modernity of global responsibility everyone seems to have taken on lately, whether it’s issues of our climate or the pandemic, the idea of self-love and self-improvement can often be brushed under the rug, getting lost in the midst of the bigger picture. Of course, the big picture is important, but the finer details that make up you and me are just as important in making the grander affairs of the world better. I, for one, certainly embrace the message of this album and cannot wait for it to bless my ears on the 7th of January 2022. This year’s been speeding along like a runaway train, so as long as we can keep it on the rails, I think we can make for a smooth ride until then.

Catch The Wombats on tour next year and pre-order/save the new album now! (You’re gonna thank yourself when January comes along, trust me.)

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