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Creators Monthly (November)

Despite lockdown still looming over us, November has been yet another corker of a month for music submitted to us by our readers. Even while stuck inside, people are still writing great tunes, and so here are just some of our favourites this month. Press play and discover something new!

Elle León

Kicking off our list is Elle León, an Irish singer-songwriter living in Barcelona. Her alt-folk track The Spring In Your Step caught our attention from the very first few seconds, as you’ll experience too. Dreamy string instruments accompany her sweet voice, with a deep cutting synth bass to tie it all together. Seeing Elle dance around in this great lockdown video, we also get a feel for her warmth as a performer too – an aspect of going to gigs that we’ve sorely missed. For fans of Kate Bush, Stella Donnelly or Lisa Mitchell, Elle León’s new EP ‘Heart to Hearts’ is made for you and anyone else needing a spring put back in their step.

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Dolly Ave

Dolly Ave is a Vietnamese-American singer-songwriter who’s new single Florida is out tomorrow on the 1st of December, along with accompanying music video. Dolly gave us an exclusive listen and we thought we just had to say something about this brilliant new artist before the end of the month. Using elements of Pop, R&B, soul and electronic, her single ‘Birds’ (2018) reveals a more vulnerable side to Dolly. If you like what you hear from her old stuff, stay tuned for the new single out tomorrow.

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At just 15 years old, Flowerovlove (Joyce Cisse) is already taking her first strides in the world of music. At the same time as juggling her schoolwork in London, Joyce is pursuing her music dreams – to date having released three fantastic singles along with homemade music videos for each. Her latest single ‘Fat Wave’ is packed full of unexpected turns. What starts as a sweet indie tune soon becomes a rollercoaster of genre. Speaking as a magazine which emerged from a music school in London, we each have plenty of friends who have gone on to have great success with their music, but the successful individuals never come as much of a surprise, as that spark about them has been present from the very beginning. For this young artist, there’s no denying she has that same spark of talent.

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Daemes is a Brooklyn based songwriter who recently released her debut single ‘Riptide’ to an overwhelming response from her followers. The first in a series of ‘dark-pop songs’ focuses around themes of ‘vulnerability and desire’. The track was recorded back in 2018 and was, according to the singer, ‘shelved indefinitely’. Never knowing if the songs would ever see the light of day, and held back by the nagging idea that she could always do better, she’s decided that enough is enough, she needs to begin. We love that this song represents a fear shared by almost every creative person – the fear of putting something you’ve nurtured and cared for out into the world for all to see. Every artist is continually evolving, but being able to adapt and grow is one of the things which sets apart the good ones from the great. This single is the first of many collaborations between Daemes and producer Barb Morrison (best known for their work with Blondie). Daemes’ debut EP is due for release early next year, and we hope it’s the first of more to come.

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Misao McGregor

Misao McGregor is a DIY artist living in Los Angeles, CA. As a ‘queer, non-binary, indie-pop singer/songwriter’, Misao’s debut album ‘Kids in the Corner’ (out December 17th) is an autobiographical look back at the past 24 years of their own life. The album explores the many significant events, both good and bad, which have shaped them along the way. Originally having trained as a classical pianist, Misao uses a combined knowledge of music theory with a homemade approach to their work; from self-made music videos to performing at open mic events across the city, Misao does everything herself while thinking selflessly of how she can help others by doing so.

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Little Grim

Little Grim from South London are an underground alt-rock band inspired by the likes of Alt-J, Everything Everything and Glass Animals. With their own blend of hypnotic layered guitars, Little Grim has already caught a large amount of attention from radio stations and magazines alike. Experimental and bold, Little Grim have certainly developed a sound we can’t help but jump along to, and with fantastic music videos thrown into the mix, what’s not to love?

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Indoor Foxes

Scottish Indie songwriter Indoor Foxes looks set for a bright future with the release of her latest single ‘Peach Stone.’ Her 90’s bedroom craft style and tongue in cheek lyrics are reminiscent of artists such as Beabadoobee. Having already released a full album and gained the attention of BBC Introducing, there’s nothing in the way for this young artist on her journey upwards though music. With this song just a meer taster of great things to come, her unique sound and awesome voice have both made us excited for more.

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Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast for Dinner may be a relatively new band on the scene, having only released their first single last year, but with three songs now under their belt, they already sound like Dirty Hit’s hottest new signing. A 4-piece indie-pop band based in New York State, Breakfast for Dinner’s latest single ‘Miss Our Love’ is a glitter-soaked mix of dreamy synths and otherworldly sounds. While they bare a lot of similarities to bands such as Pale Waves, their sound across the three of their singles is certainly varied. The group doesn’t seem to lack confidence when it comes to playing around with their sound just to see what’s possible. We’ll look forward to seeing just where this group go next.

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