Why We Love: Lisa Mitchell

The music of Lisa Mitchell is perhaps some of the most heart-string tugging stuff around. The self-made singer, born in England and brought up in Australia, topped the iTunes charts in 2007 after appearing on the Australian singing competition ‘Australian Idol’ when she was just 16.

Since the start of her career and the days of live streaming to her MySpace page, Lisa Mitchell’s unusual journey through music has only gone from strength-to-strength. 14 years on and with three astounding studio albums plus four EP’s under her belt, Lisa continues to make us feel our very deepest emotions with her soulful melodies and sincere velvet-like voice.

Although in the past singers who break through on talent shows have maybe been given a bad rep, normally due to a common trait of having an incredible voice but no real songwriting ability, Lisa Mitchell is a welcomed exception to the rule. Her tunes are intelligent, moreish and charming in every sense of the word. You only need to listen to one of her songs to get a sense for her deep feeling, empathetic personality.

A fantastic well-rounded talent; her music and career, built on the foundations of home recording and unique skill, has certainly been inspirational to many young, especially female, songwriters today.

Her astounding debut album ‘Wonder’, released two years after appearing on Australian Idol, certainly delivered on the promises of her perceived talent. Mitchell’s later work sounds much more grown-up and refined, her two follow up albums ‘Bless this mess’ and ‘Warriors’ are a big step up in terms of their production as well as their overall mood.

Each of her albums seemingly has a song for every state of mind – from hope to complete despair, whatever emotions you need to get out, I’ll bet you Lisa has a song written just for you.

Mitchell’s sweet voice and beautiful acoustic melodies create vivid nostalgic images, but not from your own memory, from hers. Through her music, like light which enters a camera, her songs are a picture of her reflected memories. Listening to her songs reminds you of falling in love with a summer romance; after days spent together in the sun, as the autumn finally comes around, you part ways, but the feelings you have for each other will never be lost.

It’s the very same feeling you get in your chest watching the films of French director Michel Gondry (‘Eternal Sunshine’, ‘The Science of Sleep’).

Over recent months, we’ve seen that despite being locked down in Melbourne, Lisa certainly hasn’t lost touch with her roots as a MySpace celebrity. 14 years on, she still streams original songs to fans on Instagram TV.

With new demo’s being teased on social media, we hope it won’t be long before we hear more from Lisa. As always, we’ll be waiting with eager ears and faithful hearts.

Listen to Lisa’s most recent EP ‘When They Play That Song’, full of brilliant covers of the very people who first inspired her.

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