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Creators Monthly: April

Once again we’re back with your monthly fill of the hottest new artists who you better keep an eye on. Boy oh boy are you in for a treat. Without further ado, let’s dive into this month’s Creators Monthly.


3 kids & a Mortgage is the new EP (and life story) of the brilliantly infectious artist known simply as Lewca. The fist-pumping first single ‘Doing My Thing’ from the new EP, aside from being colourful both stylistically and lyrically, is, in the words of Lewca, ‘an anthem in praise of inappropriate drunken debauchery and generally belligerent behaviour’ – and one we can’t stop ourselves replaying.

Ed Cosens

‘On The Run’ is the fifth single from storming new success Ed Cosens, taken from his new album ‘Fortunes Favour’, which made its debut on the 9th of April. A fiercely felt and deeply personal story about Ed finding his voice as an artist. Certainly an artist which fans of Alex Turner, Oasis and Richard Hawley will love.

Hotel Decor

‘All The Rage’ is the brand new single from Canadian artist Hotel Decor, a tune with a great low-fi quality and late-night-drive vibe, mixed in with soundscapes just as stunning as the locations in this video, made by DualSense Films.

The Early Mornings

Three musicians from manchester start recording demos together and decide to form a band. Sound like the familiar origins of some of histories greatest songs? The Early Mornings met and formed in 2018 and their brilliant new track ‘Blank Sky’ is out now for all the world to hear. The music video is a love letter to their city, with flashes of artistic flair mixed in against the grey concrete backdrop of inner-city life. This depiction of breaking away from the mundane is a trait which the band embody throughout their music too. Definitely a band to follow.


Kicksie is a songwriter from Toronto, Ontario who has just released their FORTH yes FORTH album written, recorded and mastered entirely by them. ‘All My Friends’ is an explosive collection of catchy indie-pop and synth-pop tunes. Songs that make you want to stand on your bed shouting the punchy lyrics from the top of your voice. With more music hopefully to follow, the talents to this songwriter are endless.

Paul & The Microcosm

Back in February, we featured the wonderful Paul & The Microcosm, a 5-piece rock band from Germany who keep on pulling it out of the bag with their incredible blend of indie-rock, garage punk and neo-pych. If you’re looking for a band pulled straight out of the 70’s explosion of experimental techno, P&TM are a band you should definitely have on your playlists this month and always.

Space Nat

‘Dreamy and grounded’ – Space Nat’s newest single ‘Bug Bites’ is an incredibly powerful and emotional tune, one which reaches out and touches the deepest parts of your soul. A soft and fragile voice suddenly transforms into an astonishing weapon. It makes you wonder what this talent is truly capable of. We can’t wait to hear more from Space Nat.

Thanks once again to all the musicians who submitted their music this month! Make sure to keep an eye out for more brilliant artists on the way by signing up to our newsletter. We’ll see you next time.

The TWM Team x

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Photo Credit: The Early Mornings/Kyle Dubay