Creators Monthly: March

It’s that time of the month again when we take a look at the brilliant tracks submitted to us by our readers. Like always, it was another corker of a month for new music with some smashing new tunes from the likes of The Vaccines and Hayley Williams. The infectious flair for creating lockdown beats doesn’t just stop there – no-no.

Our inbox was full to the brim yet again with some fantastic tracks written by artists from all over the world, so let’s dive in and take a look at our picks – you might just discover someone who’ll change your playlists forever.

Vice Beats & Ellie Harris

A spectacular ensemble of talent, producer Vice Beats combines his deep nostalgic grooves with singer Ellie Harris’ timeless vocals. If you didn’t think that sounded like enough talent packed into one single, ‘Lost Time’ also featured rapper KinKai and the soothing sax of musician Thalassic. A collaboration spanning four cities across the world, this tune is a perfect representation of artists defying all odds and making some seriously cool sh*t. For these singers, musicians and producers, nothing is getting in their way of giving us a funky and enchanting single to vibe to. Their creative talent has already taken Vice Beats and Ellie Harris from Oxford Uni to The BRIT School; so there’s no telling what heights they’ll reach next. They’re only just getting started.


He looks like a young Thurston Moore and sounds like the next one-man Blossoms – ‘Show Me Love’ is the electrifying debut single from emerging artist Ed Fisher, known professionally as urbanparcs. Based in Liverpool and at only 17 years old, the future looks blindingly bright for this young talent whose laptop-made tunes have already gained him airtime on BBC Introducing. Of all the creative lockdown music videos we’ve seen so far, the video for ‘Show Me Love’ is simply superb, just like his tunes.

Fin Cliff

An artist we’ve featured before, but if you heard his last single you won’t believe it’s even possible – the latest single from Fin Cliff, WAITING FOR YOU, has been a career-changing factor for this one-in-a-thousand bedroom indie-rock artist. For any fans of Catfish and The Bottlemen or The Maccabees, Fin is an artist whose music you won’t be able to stop listening to. Now being played on BBC Radio 1, Fin’s music just keeps going from strength to strength.


An artist from Cincinnati, Ohio, supporting all other queer creatives out there in music – Laurre’s new single ‘Don’t Ask’ delves deep into the emotions behind a failed relationship – which Laurre describes as a weird juxtaposed of sentiments. With vibrant, moving instrumentals and a voice tinged with melancholy, Laurre perfectly captures that strange in-between limbo of total sadness and pure bliss. Their creative lyrics go hand in hand with the single’s deeply thought out melodies. With this great track just the first release in a new project by multi-instrumentalist Lauren Wachenfeld, the same poetry is sure to tug at our heartstrings yet again with the upcoming release of EP ‘Paper Blue’ produced by Mike of the Nashville pop-rock band Mike Mains & The Branches.

Monroe Moon

A single which takes the atmosphere of Joy Division and fused it perfectly with the soft nostalgic nature of modern indie-rock. There’s no better way to describe the new single by Monroe Moon than the way they do it themselves; Deep, Dark & Familiar. The Peter Hook inspired bass line of Shadowplay weaves perfectly through the bands foot-tapping rhythms. The music video for the band’s new song hits those qualities right on the head with a compilation of family videos they picked up from a garage sale. This band is one we can’t get enough of.

The Velvet Rage

Sticking with our ‘90s filled nostalgia dream, The Velvet Rage are a queer anarchist project from Kentucky U.S.A. ‘Eschewing genre and gender is our thing.’ They’re too right about that – now two albums in, band members Lukas Lake-Bullock and Bradford Wilburn constantly veer outside the boundaries of ‘normal’ and keep on surprising us in the most amazing way. Their single ‘Trip’ is taken from their most recent album ‘You Can’t Do This to Us’, released at the end of last year.


PJ Harvey, Talking Heads, just some of the inspirations behind singer/songwriter Sonia Bernardo’s musical project BERNARDO. The alt-soul inspired producer born in London and raised in a Portuguese Village honed in her skill as a producer and guitarist before returning to London to take on the Indie music scene. Her new single, ‘Almost A Mother’, is the latest exciting tune from an artist whose musical talent has no end. Her sweet soul voice and genres which have travelled the world have been her guiding force throughout her journey so far. Bernardo’s enchanting voice and unmissable style continues to excite an army of growing fans.

Thanks once again to all the musicians who submitted their music this month! Make sure to keep an eye out for more brilliant artists on the way by signing up to our newsletter. We’ll see you next time!

– The TWM Team x

Make music? In a band? We want to hear from you! Submit here for a chance to be featured in next month’s Creators Monthly.

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Picture Credit: Bernardo // Phil Manzanera

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[…] Can’t wait for more? Read last month’s issue here. […]

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