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Why We Love: Eaves Wilder

In just 6 months, Eavie (better known as) Eaves Wilder has managed to produce frantic fairytale sounds to fill your very best indie playlists. Being a Gen Z artist, the way our generation has grown up with music is so chaotically different from the likes of our inspiration. We genre mix and we dabble between artists and sounds which makes for such a clash of sounds that’s really paving the way for the next wave of music, and Wilder is absolutely no exception.

So how would I describe her music? Imagine putting the DNA of George Harrison, Kate Bush, Beabadoobee and Blur into a blender, then serving that milkshake up along with a sprinkle of toppings to coat all that with even more, and if you’re a fan of the darker sounds of pre-The 1975’s ‘Drive Like I Do’, then Eaves Wilder is someone for you. But being so young and having experienced so much, Eavie brings a flair of unique excellence that just melts your ears. Her debut single Won’t You Be Happy written in the height of the first lockdown, and was an immediate hit, the emotional range and relatability here was off the scale and was the right step to make Eaves Wilder soon to be a household name.

Later still she dropped the single In And Out (And Out Again), a beautiful piano-led ballad that envelops more of that shoegaze vibe that was so present within Won’t You Be Happy. One thing to note is her talent as a pianist, being able to sing and perform precise twinkling key rhythms is not something you see often (see the live piano performance below), especially among young songwriters nowadays. Eavie manages to be a breath of fresh air and a staple to the term ‘Artist’. You get a real feel for Wilder’s passion for her music and it’s wonderful to see out in the Eaves Wild

But there’s no slowing down for Eavie, she’s on an upward spiral and we’ve all got golden tickets to join the ride. Just last month we heard another single Man, We Was Lonely (a little ode to everyone’s favourite Beatles bassist), with perhaps the charm of Arcade Fire’s Funeral as inspiration, particularly vibing with the vocal tones of Régine Chassagne. Three songs into Eavie’s career and already she’s making a name for herself, making dreamy songs to soundtrack your teens and my god does it make you crave to hear these tracks in a live venue.

Eaves Wilder is making her way to the top, so what better a time to grab her hand and follow her to the summit of her musical venture. 6 months since her debut and only 3 songs in, but already she is one of my favourite rising stars that you must keep up with.

So don’t forget to keep a keen eye on her socials and follow Eaves Wilder on Spotify.