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Why We Love: WhenYoung

WhenYoung started cooking up brilliant tunes as a group back in 2017 when the Irish trio, formed of vocalist and bass player, Aoife Power, Niall Burns (Guitar) and Andrew Flood (Drums) moved to Dublin under the band’s original name ‘Sisters’. Their debut singles ‘Actor’ and ‘Silverchair’ paved the way to quick success after gaining a few local names as fans – The Pogues frontman, Shane MacGowan, and the man himself; Bono… so no biggy really.

Later that year they were invited to play MacGowan’s 60th birthday in Dublin city centre without even having released an album at the time. WhenYoung, or ‘Sisters’ as they were, must have known from their early experiences that they were onto something special.

And indeed they were… now with an even more developed, kick-ass sound, it doesn’t take long to realise why they gained such legendary fans.

The group met in true Irish rock n’ roll style, sneaking into their local pub in the town of Limerick for some underage drinking and chats about the bands they loved. Later, after forming a band themselves, they moved to Dublin; a city big enough to suit their ambition. They went looking for the excitement they craved, and golly they most definitely found it.

WhenYoung are very much the next generation of bands such as The Cranberries and The Velvet Underground. If you’re a fan of either, this is a band for you.

Nowadays, with their first album ‘Reasons To Dream’ out in the world for all to hear, and with more people than ever having their ears tuned to the group’s unmissable sound, the three friends from a small town in Ireland are set to concur the world. WhenYoung have since based themselves in London, a bigger city fit for the scale of things to come? Don’t we know it.

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