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Why We Love: Rhonda

Rhonda are a group from Hamburg, Germany with more than a few tricks up their sleeve. Their feel-good tunes are each a snapshots into past times spent driving in the sun through a dreamy soul-infused world. Exploring a new blend of neo-soul, rock and indie, Rhonda have set out on a mission to bring together both old and new.

The band formed from the remnants of rock band Thrashmonkeys after the group decided to split back in 2012. Four of the remaining members, however, decided it was time to set about on a brand new venture – one that would lead them to form Rhonda, a project which would craft fantastic new soul music for the modern-day. The band quickly became popular with some of recent histories biggest names, and in 2014, the band opened for Paul Weller at multiple gigs throughout Germany.

The band’s debut album ‘Raw Love’ is most notable for the song ‘Camera’ which launched the group into the spotlight. A cool and brilliantly crafted tune through and through, with some elements recognisable from classic soul records, a great voice and phenomenal guitar hooks.

Three albums now under their belt, with their most recent LP ‘You Could Be Home By Now’ released just last year, Rhonda are capturing more attention than ever from audiences across the world. Their recent work is an atmospheric exploration into the sweet-swinging sound of soul music, combining elements with the same great rock feel the musicians cut their teeth on.

For fans of The Arctic Monkeys or The Last Shadow Puppets, Rhonda are one such band with time-travelling abilities. Stick on your headphones and be instantly transported to a smoky soul club, with singer Milo Milone on mic in the spotlight.

Milone’s own solo projects are full of the same feel-good Rhonda energy, developing that same great soul-inspired sound and using her brilliant voice to tell stories of her very own.

Check out Rhonda and Milo Milone on Spotify now.