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Hello and welcome to the first-ever edition of Creators Monthly! Every month we receive loads of great music from our readers and while we can’t feature everyone, these are some of the up and coming artists we’re really excited about.

Indulge yourself and discover something new!


Smooth, bright and extremely catchy, this indie-alternative band from Provo, Utah just released their single Honey along with this humorous video. Characterised by their groovy bass lines, rhythmic drum beats, lustrous vocals and serene lounge-pop synthesizers evocative of bands like MGMT or Tame Impala, Brother. are a group who have certainly caught our attention.

80 Unlacey

80 Unlacey are a four-piece band from North Carolina home-made in every sense of the word, from the band’s origins to their self-made music videos. What started as a name for university student Dylan Innes to simply release songs on SoundCloud under quickly lead to the formation of a more collaborative project and the release of the bands first single ‘Bristol.’ This song’s wistful longing for places never seen shares the band’s exuberant amalgamation of the very best of soul, funk and pop.

Lisa Caruso

Sydney artist Lisa Caruso’s indie-folk single ‘To Call You Mine’ is her final release before her debut album ‘In Feelings’ on October 9th. This empowered young woman is making her mark on Australia’s music industry as a finalist in the ‘Emerging Artist’ category at The 2019 Australian Women in Music Awards. Going from strength-to-strength and being played across many radio stations, we’re extremely excited to see where her album will take her next.

Max Swan

Max Swan from Philadelphia refuses to be confined by and one genre, each of his tracks pulls in grooves from jazz, jazz-fusion, hip-hop and more. His sleek voice and wicked saxophone on this track truly touch the soul. As a self-made multi-instrumentalist and producer of his own material, his inspiration from the likes of Frank Ocean and Tom Misch is not misplaced. Max’s upcoming EP ‘Gone Away’ is out October 30th.

Wildlife Moon

Wildlife Moon are a relatively new band from Brooklyn, NY. After studying at the Berklee College of Music, the band’s founder Gerals Edward wrote many songs with his fellow graduates before forming the labour of love which is now Wildlife Moon. Having only released two singles as yet, the band have attracted a considerable amount of attention. Their second single ‘You Don’t Have to Hide’ is about opening up and letting your guard down. We’re certainly excited to hear more from this very promising band.


Berne are a dreamy Electro-Pop duo from the UK using their music to do something for the planet by shining a light in their songs on issues such as climate change, diversity and animal rights. Not only do they help make change through their lyrics, but every aspect of the band echos their call to action, from their own low-impact lifestyles to their new 100% solar-powered website. This quirky duo and their alternative music are healing the world one song at a time. Their new EP ‘Stay’ is out right now; “Stay is our plea to planet Earth for more time to reverse the damage we’ve done, before it’s too late.”

Aisha J

A graduate from The BRIT School in London, Aisha J must have only been only a year below me while at the school. I certainly remember her face, but something tells me very soon everyone will remember her name. With only two single releases, Aisha J has already drawn a massive following with her fantastic R&B/Soul-inspired tunes and her phenomenal voice. Her recent single ‘Someday’ is the first of her singles produced entirely by herself and proves there is no end to this girl’s talents. About her recent single, Alish says this song is about ‘Letting all creatives know that despite all the hardships they experience, they will make it someday.’ A very personal insight into the mind of a musician, but certainly a worry that with her talent, I think she needn’t have.

Jack Swing

Jack Swing are a Rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a sound so big and punchy you can’t miss it. Their recently released EP ‘Get What’s Mine For You’ can’t be defined by any one music genre, but whatever it is, the sound of Jack Swing is extremely addictive. Guitar player Isaiah Ross is possibly the coolest frontman I’ve seen for a while, and unquestionably awesome-looking in this video with his rockin’ red Jaguar and standout performance. The production and detail in this track is fantastic, high skilled playing from all members and great use of crazy guitar effects make this lot certainly a band to remember. I can only imagine how fired-up one of their live gigs might be. This is rock n roll for the 21st century.

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