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Why We Love: The Garden

Hearing The Garden’s music for the first time was like unlocking a door that draws you into an entirely different universe. Their sound, as well as their aesthetics, are both completely and distinctively their own. They’ve got a special kind of magic that has presented itself through genre-bending, undeniable originality, and a full creative exploration that’s led them towards developing some of the most unique music of our time. 

“California Here We Go” was my introduction to twin brothers Wyatt and Fletcher Shears, and I found myself completely enamored. The sultry bassline, the addictive chorus, and their love for jester-styled makeup had me wanting to dive in deeper as soon as the song was over. For those just beginning to explore The Garden’s discography, this is, without a doubt, an essential song to keep under your belt.

Released just a few months prior, “Call This # Now” is another staple track that carries whimsically hypnotic energy. The music video matches it perfectly, too, and it’s one that I frequently revisit; not only is it just a music video that I genuinely love to watch, but it’s also a good glimpse into what the Shears brothers are all about. I guarantee that after listening to this song—even just once—you’ll find yourself subconsciously humming the chorus on multiple occasions. Or, maybe, I’m just projecting. 

You didn’t think I’d leave out “Thy Mission,” did you? It’s safe to say that this is currently The Garden’s most popular song, and with the combined forces of the Shears twins and Mac Demarco, it’s no wonder why this is such a well-received song. The artists, though seemingly on different wavelengths, mesh together so flawlessly; it’s almost as though it was a match made in heaven (or, based on the video, hell). Like “Call This # Now,” this is another music video I am obsessed with. They took an already interesting concept and put their own unique spin on it, and the end result is entertaining, comedic, and stunning.

Alright, there are plenty of other key songs from The Garden I could recommend, but let’s shed some light on their latest release, shall we? Dropped in March 2020, Kiss My Super Bowl Ring consists of eleven explosive tracks that each add something powerful to the mix. It’s truly so fascinating to hear how seamlessly they play around with different sounds—even within the same song—and this album provides so much variety that you’re bound to find at least something to love. My personal favourite is “AMPM Truck,” give it a listen here:

Wyatt and Fletcher have their own individual side projects as well. Wyatt makes his music under the name “Enjoy,” and Fletcher is behind “Puzzle.” These experimental projects are absolutely phenomenal, and I’m wholeheartedly a massive fan of both. A lot of the music from Enjoy and Puzzle is much more laid-back and dreamy compared to their work in The Garden, so if that’s more of your vibe, definitely give both projects a listen. 10/10, would highly recommend. 

So, in short: The Garden has quickly become one of my favourite bands. They are certainly ones to watch as they shake up the music scene, and if you’re new to their music, you’re going to want to stick around. I have completely fallen in love with their impressive artistic range and style, and I’m sure you guys will, too. 

I’ll leave you with one last thing, and it’s a performance I’ve found myself watching daily. Give it a watch, and you’ll understand why.

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