When being initiated into the solemn cult of PREGOBLIN devotees, there are a few house rules to memorize: the first is, PREGOBLIN must be written in all caps. If you’re any good at voice inflection, then speak it in all caps, too: it’s not that hard, and PREGOBLIN are a band that deserve special emphasis. 

Waiting for a new PREGOBLIN single is like waiting for Christmas, or summer holidays—when it finally arrives it brings hours, if not days, of pure unadulterated sonic bliss. I played their 2019 single Combustion sixty-five times in the space of a week once, and nary a complaint did my family voice. You know it’s a good song when you actually want it to be stuck in your head, and you know it’s a brilliant song when both your grandmother and your coolest friend request that it make frequent appearances on playlists.

2020 saw the release of two original PREGOBLIN compositions, Gangsters and Snakes and Oranges. Both singles were accompanied with highly imaginative videos that bear watching repeatedly for full understanding, but then you’ll want to watch them more than once anyway: they’re compellingly weird, unique amongst the deluge of over-edited pap usually served up. They’re original, well-crafted and tinged with a sly humor. 

PREGOBLIN are a duo composed of Alex Sebley and Jessica Winter. Sebley’s blonde, mild-mannered demeanor is the perfect foil for Winter’s dark glamour. Like chocolate and salt, they’re an unlikely yet ultimately delightful match. In a recent interview with Short Waves Radio, Sebley and Winter discussed the massive backlog of songs they’ve written together, which have yet to be recorded but will, hopefully in the near future, present themselves for our listening pleasure.

Fat White Family have dubbed them, “…the most under-appreciated songwriting partnership of our era…” I defy anyone to dispute this statement; it’s obvious judging solely from Combustion or Gangsters that PREGOBLIN deserve a couple of Grammys, several gold records and a few houses sprinkled among the world’s more desirable post codes. 

You can find them on Instagram at @pregoblintv, on Spotify under PREGOBLIN (all caps, there, too, huns) and on Bandcamp. 

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