We’re back. You want more music and we wanna share it. Get ready to pick your crème de la crème and upgrade your playlists with the tunes we can’t stop thinking about.

American Beauty – Biig Piig

Biig Piig’s latest EP takes a much more rounded and softer approach in the textures of her music, but closer track American Beauty brings the noise up like the alternative rock bands from the 00’s, showing her versatility and talent yet again.

Energy – Pa Salieu FT. Mahalia

Meet Pa Salieu, the winner of BBC Sound of 2021. Redefining and keeping the wheel turning, this is one rapper who you absolutely must keep your ears and eyes open.

Duo – Sam Gellaitry

I discovered Sam Gellaitry on TikTok by pure chance and haven’t turned by back since, I recommend you do the same.

Peace And Quiet – FEET

Can you really go wrong with FEET?

SUPERNORMAL – Everything Everything

Once again the alternative electronic ecstasy of Everything Everything is unmatched, and their track SUPERNORMAL is sure to keep your chests beating.

Method To The Madness – The Wombats

A new venture for the iconic marsupials we all know and love, but make no mistake. This almost lo-fi-based track from The Wombats packs a punch that you don’t want to be in front of when it kicks off.

Mirror – Sigrid

Sigrid is BACK, baby, and better than ever. Everything great about her last album is dialed up to 11 on Mirror and we’re all here for it.

Citizen Erased – Muse (OoS RemiXX)

A classic but remixed.. remastered..? Well, whatever Muse have been re-doing to the tracks from their 2nd album’s 10th anniversary edition, it’s working and makes revisiting this classic album all the more enchanting.

Futureproof – Nothing But Thieves

I’ve only just come down after the high that was Moral Panic, and now NBT deliver this? Bathe me in the leather silk that is Futureproof and don’t come get me unless there’s an Emergency. Not even kidding, leave me be. This track sends me.


My partner showed me an ALASKALASKA song a little while back and as the months have gone by I’ve really found myself just hooked and for good reason. Just get a taste of this.


To top it all off with an absolute banger, you can never go wrong with a bit of CHVRCHES. But slap on a side of Robert Smith? That’s a classic before it’s even had time to tour the world.

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