Why We Love: Paris Youth Foundation

With a name that sounds like France’s most stylish first bank account for juniors, this band is a world away from a Parisian NatWest. Paris Youth Foundation, or PYF, catapulted onto the indie scene back in 2016 after releasing their first single ‘If You Wanna’ on SoundCloud. A debut at Reading and Leeds Fest shortly followed, and the band now find themselves a regular feature on BBC Radio Sounds and Spotify playlists following every new release. 

The Liverpool born band is formed of singer and guitarist Kevin Potter, guitarists Tom Morris Jones and Jamie Hives, bassist Paul Bates and drummer Jonny Alderton. Self-proclaimed as ‘all your favourite indie bands rolled into one’ with inspiration from The Strokes and Wolf Alice, it’s unsurprising this band has seen such accelerated success with a laid back but perfectionist approach to music. The band pride themselves on their listeners’ genuine reaction and given Kevin’s clear heart-on-your-sleeve method of songwriting shows the raw emotion put into their songs. This can be dangerous territory for any band wishing to not make their songs too personal but has been Paris Youth Foundations signature, allowing them to connect with listeners on a deeper level. This careful balance between meaning and emotion, combined with the almost four years’ experience the band has together, could see further development in how the group projects their past experiences.

Following the release in 2016 and R&L debut, the PYF went on to perform with the likes of PEACE and the DMA’s at Liverpool’s sound city and other festivals like Bushstock and Y Not in 2018. The band then stepped down from supporting to lead their first headline tour in February 2020, playing at seven different venues across the UK. It seems like the only way is up for this emotive indie rock outfit. 

Kevin’s effortless voice gives the band a natural and relaxed sound, backed up with energetic guitar riffs and complex but tasteful drum sections. The indie group has a near atmospheric presence. As a listener, you can almost detach yourself from life’s grind and take in the expressive melancholy lyrics. Following a string of tracks from 2017 and an EP in 2019, their single ‘Late Night Lost Love’ was well received by the world under the 2020 lockdown. Now, following a quiet six months for the band, their latest release of ‘The Back Seat’ will surely reinforce their place on our indie playlists, leading us to believe another EP (or even album!) must be on the way soon. 

Listen to Paris Youth Foundation on Spotify now.

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