Why We Love: Madonnatron

Madonnatron formed in 2014  by “arising unabashed from the mists of the Thames,” (that’s according to their Spotify bio) released their eponymous debut album in 2017 and, since then have gone on to conquer the hearts of listeners the world over with their 2019 album Musica Alla Puttanesca, featuring the hit single, “Goodnight Little Empire,” (which appears in the soundtrack of Netflix’s Emily in Paris.) 

Their sonic impression live has been likened to that of Michigan-born proto-punk marauders the Stooges as well as early-career Joy Division, and if the miraculous melding of those two disparate sounds doesn’t melt your synapses in the best way imaginable upon the first listen, then darling, you’re simply not human.

Trashmouth Records have recently released a remix of “Venus and Rahu,” a track off Musica Alla Puttanesca, as part of their 10th anniversary 10 Years Still Not Dead celebration compendium.Within days of its release, the remix had already been spun and praised by Amy Lamé on her BBC 6 radio show.

In their own words, Madonnatron say: “If ever there was a real pulsating, strutting, superbad music ‘scene’ in South London at any point in the last ten years, it is a certainty that visionaries Liam and Luke of Trashmouth Records, were firmly at the epicentre. Flying the flag of truth for outsider music in this stifling elitist terrain, the brothers May have lovingly catapulted bands such as feral darlings the Fat White Family, Warmduscher, Meatraffle, and not least Warrior Queens of utmost sonic savagery MADONNATRON to your stereos. 10 Years Still Not Dead is the vinyl equivalent to the book of revelations, go forth and listen to its delinquent teachings! Forever Trashmouth!” 


You can hear Madonnatron live at The Victoria on September 25th, where they will be supporting fellow Trashmouth record label signees, Meatraffle, as well as the avant-garde stylings of Nuha Ruby Ra.

The Trashmouth remix of “Venus and Rahu” (as well as Madonnatron’s album Musica Alla Puttanesca and a treasure trove of singles) are available via Bandcamp, linked below.


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