Upgrade Your Playlists

Need some good music fast? Here are some of our top picks for your playlists right now.

Mattiel – Millionaire

Simply the best. If you haven’t already listened to Mattiel we’re not sure what to tell you, read our article here.

Mob Rich – Yoko Ono

Don’t worry, Yoko’s nowhere near, but this tune from the duo known as Mob Rich is one to add.

Montoya – We Are On The Hill

Making a reappearance on TWM, Montoya is a simply awesome band with simply amazing tunes.

Low Hummer – Never Enough

Another TWM reappearance, but again a worthy one. Low Hummer’s latest single is the perfect track to reminisce of dancing in a crowded room.

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness – Cecilia And The Satellite

One you may have heard of already, but a song the deserves a revisit.

Matt Berry – Take My Hand

Thank fuck for Matt Berry.

Foster The People – Walk With A Big Stick

From the Indie Pop band’s latest EP, that’s sure to groove with you wherever you go, big sticks ‘n all.

The Skints – This Town

London Reggae born and bread, you’ll love this band wherever you’re from.

Longpigs – Lost Myself

Let’s top it off with a classic hey?

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