Review: Royal Blood – Trouble’s Coming

Brighton rock duo Royal Blood have released their latest single ‘Trouble’s Coming’ and it’s a blood pumping power anthem to get you in the mood for whatever may head your way during the day. The track is taken from their upcoming third album due out in the spring of next year, with singer and bassist Mike Kerr saying it was a real turning point for the album. ‘Trouble’s Coming’ sets off with a provocative punch, that really gets straight to the point and sets the tone straight away. This is an evolved sound but not lacking the fantastic flairs we’ve grown accustom to from their last 2 albums. 

There’s no denying the talent between the two rockers behind the blood, which has been evident since the days of ‘Out of the Black’, but here we really get to see the diversity of their production and writing. A toned down straight to the beat start, not the chaotic reverb soaked drums and deeply dirty bass, but now we’re welcomed by a more rhythmic dance drumbeat, with a more precisely played and rounded bass riff, but still with the distinct growl and bite from Royal Blood songs we’ve known in the past. In fact there’s quite a lot of pop production techniques throughout the mix of the track, synths, claps and piano, perhaps inspired by fellow rock duo Death From Above 1979 or Arctic Monkeys ‘AM’ album, with the added flavour of a Justice track, whatever the story, it’s really helped to mould the new sound that’s so superbly showcased within the song, and to be quite frank, it’s something I am ecstatic about. 

You see for me, as much as I love Royal Blood’s work and admire their talents, something I felt was a little lacklustre was the sonic development between their self titled debut album and their 2017 album ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’. If I went blind into both albums, I’m not sure how often I’d be able to tell which tracks came from which album, they were more like two sides to the same coin to me. Now consistency isn’t a bad thing, but I was hoping for something a bit different, more adventurous, but here we are with the lead single for album 3 and they’ve done exactly that. 

Kerr described the track as ‘Disco meets AC/DC’ which sums up the sound quite well, explaining that each track from the upcoming album will have it’s own personality, so that alone makes me very hyped up for the music yet to come. Trouble’s Coming offers so much colour than we’re used to, the maturity and the expansion upon the bass and drums linear duo we’ve heard since their inception, it’s like everything’s got bigger, yet instead of surrounding you in sound, it’s as if the track cuts right into you, matching your heart to the beat of the track. Even Kerr’s vocals sound better than ever, the amount of groove you feel with every word is immense, you just want to bob your head and dance, it’s a really nice fresh change of pace for the Brighton bad boys, and I absolutely cannot wait till we get to hear more madness from them. 

So whether you’re a fan of Royal Blood’s already, or just in need of some new rock music to tide you by during the impossible year for music, Trouble’s Coming is something you will definitely want to check out. Keep your eyes peeled on Royal Blood’s socials, because their next album is sure to be one to give your turntables a run for the money.

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11 months ago

I love this

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