James George Potter

Editor/Art Director

London, UK

James George Potter is a music journalist and photographer from London, passionate about Rock, Punk and Soul. He grew up around music, being taken to his first Rock & Roll gig at four years old.

Kylie Warrix

Editor/Head of Content

Georiga, USA

Kylie Warrix is a music writer from Georgia, USA extremely passionate about up and coming artists from around the world. She loves finding people with interesting projects who she knows will be the next big thing on your playlists.

Liam Thomas Lynch

Communications Editor

London, UK

Liam Thomas Lynch is a writer who delves into today’s biggest Indie and Rock bands and today’s most admired artists. Liam also has a special sense for finding exciting up and coming young songwriters.


Ingrid Jensen


Ingrid Jensen trained as a fashion designer but turned to writing while in high school. She is a contributor at Please Kill Me and a member of New South Story Lab.

Cat Caie

Liverpool, UK

Cat Caie is a Liverpool-based writer interested in the Indie and Bedroom Pop scene. Having grown up in rural Spain, live music has since become a thing of wonder for her. That, and her degree in Creative Writing and Popular Music have formed her love for music journalism.

Ollie Parnham

Sheffield, UK

Ollie is a student at The University of Sheffield and a writer who delves deep into the roots of some incredible artists on their way up through the music industry. With a love for a wide variety of genres, any artist Ollie recommends deserves a listen.

Ng Jun Rui


Jun Rui is a musician and writer from Singapore who is always on the hunt for the next new and exciting bands to arise. Jun Rui plays the Electone and the Violin, so seeing bands discover new ways of crafting music is something he loves.

Annie Leseul

London, UK

Annie Leseul is a music journalist based in the U.K. You can find her on Instagram @totally_aannie.

Andreea Ivanescu

Bristol, UK

Andreea is a punk based in Bristol and is passionate about Alternative, Industrial and Rap music. She loves exploring the underground scene, so expect a ton of fresh content about gigs and musicians in Bristol and beyond.

Sophie Linehan

London, UK

Sophie is a music journalist from London.

Jack Downey

Massachusetts, USA

Jack Downey is a music writer and musician from Hingham, MA.

Jessie Smith

London, UK

Jessie Smith is a storyteller, illustrator, and poet from London. Born and raised on a wide variety of music, Jessie is a collector of sound and makes the effort to dip her toes in every genre imaginable. 

Lauren Macaree

London/Buckinghamshire, UK

Lauren is a music journalist from London and Buckinghamshire.

Eric Anderson

London, UK

Eric Anderson is an award-winning filmmaker for the BBC in London and our very own video creator and producer of our live sessions.

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