Steely Dan: pyncher

Dark, moody, and full of energy and electricity all describe Manchester’s latest underground gem, pyncher, perfectly. The young band exude that raw, dirty, yet artful aesthetic that the post punk space is known for while making it entirely their own – falling somewhere between the gap of post punk and grunge rock. Sam Blakeley’s often elegantly guttural voice, heavily reminiscent of Lux Interior of The Cramps, creates this rich feeling of longing throughout their discography, in a way that, although similar to other punkesque artists, established pyncher as a powerful contender in the scene.

Steely Dan, the band’s new single, released by Isolar Records on the 28th October, is a well-loved fan favourite often played at live shows. Opening with a raucously infectious bassline, a disturbing cackle and almost menacing “Hey Steely! What about me man?” from Blakely, the song is one sure to get you jumping along. Full of pent up anger and emotion, Steely Dan deals with complicated and heavy subject matter, “he took his life, alongside his wife,” in a way that demonstrates an often forgotten reaction, outrage rather than upset. Interspersed with the unusual vocable “CH CH CHU” the track is both impactful and enjoyable in a way that fills the audience with vigour, just as much as it makes them think.

You can catch them at their next live show in Manchester on the 12th November where they’ll be playing The Talleyrand alongside Tigers and Flies and ZOEB. Follow their Instagram @pyncher and @isolar_records to keep up to date.