Maggie The Cat: Donne Moi Ta Chose

Released on October 25th, “Donne Moi Ta Chose” is the third single from Maggie the Cat’s forthcoming album on Trashmouth Records (the title of which remains shrouded in delicious anticipation). Expect kitsch, campy glamour with avant-garde pop leanings and generous lashings of the old Madonnatron witches’ brew that we all know and love.

With her white-blonde hair, enormous kohl-lined blue eyes and soulful, crystalline voice, Maggie embodies a Hollywood starlet by way of south London with a sense of humor and a license to kill. Add that to her smart and imaginative songs about desire, murder, bloodshed, longing (and now, in French!) and what more could you possibly want from a pop chanteuse?

“Donne Moi Ta Chose” is described in the label’s release notes as “… a playful dose of scornful disco-sleaze, a mechano-electronic disco anthem for the shameless & the obscene.” The lyrics manage to be both funny and erotic (a difficult task to accomplish, indeed). The line, “savouring your trash/rutting in the aftermath. . .” conjures images of Ann-Margret in Tommy, frolicking in baked beans, melted chocolate and champagne bubbling inexplicably out of a smashed television set and into her white satin bedroom. It’s sexy, funny, weird, a bit surreal, and very, very Maggie. 

Maggie also recently guest-starred on the acid house supergroup Decius’s latest single, “Show Me No Tears,” her husky, soulful vocals dripping deliciously down over the throbbing techno beat. The video for the single shows a slew of orgiastic scenes from the proverbial casting couch, shot in handheld “gonzo-porn” style (to borrow a phrase from Irina Sturges). The track will feature on Decius’s upcoming debut album, Decius Vol. 1.

“Donne Moi Ta Chose” is out now on Trashmouth Records. You can buy the single at the link below.